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1 Donald Knuth's Xmas Lecture Is Back
2 Why Six Degrees Of Separation?
3 The Bamboo Garden Trimming Problem - Fun CS Theory
4 100 Prisoners And A Lightbulb
5 Celebrating Tau Day
6 Busy Beaver 6,2 Is Just Too Big!
7 New Record From Google - 100 Trillion Digits Of Pi
8 Neural Networks Take On Traveling Salesman
9 Weather Control Via Chaos
10 Wordle is NP Hard
11 Pi Day 2022 - It's Irrational!!!
12 Eight Queens Solved!
13 Quantum Computers Too Slow To Crack Bitcoin?
14 No Donald Knuth Christmas Lecture This Year ...
15 The Complexity Of Pizza Sharing
16 Better Jupyter Support For Azure DevOps
17 90 Years Since Kurt Godel Showed Us What We Cannot Know
18 Wolfram Offers $20,000 For A Proof
19 2021 Abel Prize Shared By Math and Computer Science
20 Pi Day 2021 - Give Me Pi!
21 Factorization In P - This Destroys RSA
22 Lambda Calculus For Excel - Who Ordered That?!
23 New Game Dots And Polygons Is NP Hard
24 Finding The Mona Lisa In Life
25 Pi Day 2020 - A Meditation On Numbers
26 Too Good To Miss: Terry Tao Almost Proves Collatz Conjecture
27 Knuth's 25th Christmas Lecture - Pi And The Art Of Computer Programming
28 Google:We Have Quantum Supremacy IBM: No You Don't
29 Mersenne Twister Considered Harmful
30 The 42 Question Answered By Planet-Sized Computer
31 Seeking Ramanujan - Intuition As Algorithm
32 Scott Aaronson On NP And Physics
33 Knuth Prize 2019 Awarded For Contributions To Complexity Theory
34 Not 42 But 33 - The Sum Of Three Cubes
35 Google Smashes Pi Record For Pi Day
36 Google Takes On Quantum Computing
37 A New Mersenne Prime Discovery
38 Yoda's (Donald Knuth) Xmas Lecture
39 Proof Of Quantum Supremacy?
40 Computing With Trains - Turing's Trains
41 It's Pi Day And Google Gets In On It With A Doodle
42 Google Announces 72-Qubit Machine
43 Donald Knuth At 80 Still Improving TAOCP
44 Largest Prime Now Has Over 23 Million Digits
45 Donald Knuth's Christmas Tree Lecture 2017
46 What Is The Computational Power Of The Universe?
47 The Grasshopper Problem
48 The Corpus Christi Prime
49 Tetris On Game Of Life - A Great Achievement
50 New Proof That P≠NP: Final Update - Almost Certainly not
51 N Queens Completion Is NP Complete
52 LZ Compression And The One-Bit Catastrophe
53 Rubik's Cube Is Hard - NP Hard
54 HerbGrind: A Tool to Find Floating Point Errors
55 Best Laid Plans of Lions and Men
56 Pi Day 2017 - Why Pi?
57 //No Comment - Turmits are Turing-universal, The Whale Swarm Algorithm & Rules That Govern Fish
58 No Super Turing Machines
59 //No Comment - Approximate Edit Distance, Irrational Guards & DCT In 14 Additions
60 //No Comment - Is Parallel Programming Hard; Column Subset Selection Is NP-complete & The Balance Attack Against Proof-Of-Work Blockchains
61 The Computer Science Breakthrough Of The Decade Now Reinstated!
62 //No Comment - Unums,1×n Jigsaw Puzzles are Hard & P ? = NP
63 Knuth's 22nd 360 Degree Not Christmas Tree Lecture
64 //No Comment - The Blockchain, Technology Beats Algorithms & Bridges in Complex Networks
65 //No Comment - TDD, C++ Lambdas & Agile Under Scrutiny
66 A Mathematical Proof Takes 200 Terabytes To State
67 IBM Might Give Some Access To Its Five-Qubit Quantum Computer
68 A New Spaceship Speed In Life
69 Abel Prize For Proving Fermat's Last Theorem
70 (Pizza) Pi Day
71 Number Of Legal Go Positions Finally Worked Out
72 Largest Mersenne Prime Discovered
73 Knuth's 21st Not Christmas Tree Lecture
74 Quantum Physics Is Undecidable
75 A SAT Based Game
76 Quantum Cats
77 Microsoft Releases Quantum Computing Tool
78 Erdos Conjecture Proven
79 Computer Finds New Pentagonal Tiling - With Some Human Help
80 Wear Your Favourite Cellular Automaton As A Scarf
81 Sliding Blocks Are Turing Complete
82 Microsoft Z3 Theorem Prover Wins Award
83 MIT Finds Overflow Bugs
84 Pi Day Of The Century
85 Donald Knuth's Christmas Tree Lecture
86 Halting Problem Used To Prove A Robot Cannot Computably Kill A Human
87 Look And Say Numbers And Conway's Constant
88 The Machine In The Ghost
89 Pulleys As Logic Gates
90 Search For Twin Prime Proof Slows
91 Complexity Theorist Awarded 2014 Abel Prize
92 More Ties Than We Thought Or Ties Of The Matrix
93 Happy Pi Day!
94 Candy Crush Is Harder Than It Sounds - NP Hard
95 Does John Conway Hate Life?
96 A Mathematical Proof Too Long To Check - The Erdos Discrepancy Conjecture
97 Six Degrees Of Separation Is New
98 Knitting Is Turing Complete?
99 Quantum Computers Animated
100 Tensor Operations Are NP Hard
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