No Donald Knuth Christmas Lecture This Year ...
Thursday, 23 December 2021

but you can watch almost of the previous ones on YouTube. In fact, there are over 100 Donald Knuth lectures on the Stanford channel but if it's the Christmas Tree ones you are interested in there are some 20 of them each around an hour long.

The other good news is Donald Knuth already has the plans for the 2022 Christmas Lecure.


The Stanford Center for Professional Development has digitized more than one hundred tapes of Knuth's musings, lectures, and selected classes and posted them online. According to Stanford:

These archived tapes resonate with not only his thoughts, but with insights from students, audience members, and other luminaries in mathematics and computer science. 

If you have never seen a Knuth lecture then it is only fair to warn you that his "style" doesn't suit everyone - long pauses and broken sentences - but if you stick with it then you will find it rewarding if you like ideas. Also you need to know that this isn't traditional computer science these really are explorations of ideas that you mostly won't find written down anywhere else, with the possible exception of the Art of Computer Programming.

And, oh yes, the sweater is traditional.


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Donald E Knuth Lectures

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