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41 Just Enough Error Correction
42 $100,000 Prize For Proving Quantum Computers Are Impossible
43 Sorting Algorithms As A Video
44 Join the Reddit Read Through of Godel, Escher, Bach
45 The World's Ugliest Music - More than Random
46 Breakthrough! Faster Matrix Multiply
47 Pancake flipping is hard - NP hard
48 The KDD cup - good for algorithms
49 Fun with fractal squiggles
50 Random means random - the Green Card fiasco
51 Slime mould simulates Canadian transport system
52 Rubik's cube - the order of God's Number
53 Collatz conjecture proved?
54 60 trillionth binary digit of pi-squared calculated
55 Knuth prize goes to Microsoft researcher
56 The maximum overhang algorithm
57 DARPA spends $20 million on homomorphic encryption
58 Knuth at Google Tech Talks
59 Queuing theory revealed (Video)
60 Algorithms beat Moore's law
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