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1 Cassandra 4.1 Focuses On Pluggability
2 Entity Relationship Diagraming with ERDLab
3 EnterpriseDB Adds Transparent Data Encryption
4 Apache Doris Updated With Much Faster Queries
5 Couchbase Adds Azure Support To Capella
6 AlloyDB For PostgreSQL Now Generally Available
7 Yugabyte Enhances Cluster Replication
8 Neo4j 5 Adds Autonomous Clustering
9 Couchbase Updates Capella
10 Azure CosmosDB for PostgreSQL Reaches General Availability
11 Amazon Releases Neptune Serverless
12 PostgreSQL 15 Released - What's New
13 pgsqlite - Load SQLite databases into PostgresSQL
14 MySQL Heatwave Available On AWS
15 CockroachDB Serverless Generally Available
16 Running PostgreSQL Inside Your Browser
17 Heroku Announces End Of Free Services
18 MariaDB Moves Into GeoSpatial Space
19 Oracle Announces Service For Azure
20 In Praise Of SQLite
21 New NodeJS Database Driver for Oracle Released
22 ScyllaDB Optimizes Mixed Workload Latency
23 DataBricks Open Sources All Of Delta Lake
24 TigerGraph Strengthens Cloud Features
25 Citus For PostgreSQL Goes Fully Open Source
26 AGE - The Open Source PostgreSQL Extension For Graph Database Functionality
27 Apache InLong Becomes Top Level Project
28 New Database Drivers for Oracle and PostgreSQL Released
29 CockroachDB Adds Hash Sharded Indexes
30 MongoDB 6 Adds Encrypted Query Support
31 pg_ivm - Materialised Views On Steroids
32 Microsoft Launches Power Pages Website Builder
33 PostgreSQL 15 Beta Released
34 Google Announces AlloyDB To Free Users From Legacy Databases
35 Apache Ignite Changes SQL Engine
36 DataStax Astra DB gets Change Data Capture
37 MongoDB 5.3 Adds Gap Filling
38 Couchbase Updates Mobile And Edge Support
39 CockroachDB Strengthens Change Data Capture
40 dtSearch Adds Multithreaded Indexing
41 Apache Ignite Adds Change Data Capture
42 The PostgresSQL Transition Guide Helps You Make The Switch
43 DataStax Adds gRPC To Stargate For Performant Microservices
44 Move Over To PostgreSQL With Babelfish and MangoDB
45 Couchbase Introduces Hosted Database On AWS
46 Apache Bigtop 3 Improves CI Support
47 EdgelessDB - Taking Database Security To The Next Level
48 CouchDB 3.2 Improves Replication Scheduler
49 TigerGraph 3.2 Improves Scalability And Security
50 DataStax Extends Stargate
51 Amazon Releases Natural Language Query Tool
52 PostgreSQL 14 Is Here - A Look At Its Past And Future
53 DataStax Extends Astra DB
54 A Deep Dive Into PostgreSQL Indexes
55 Amazon Releases MemoryDB For Redis
56 SQL Snippets - Crowdsourcing SQL Queries
57 Couchbase 7 Adds Relational Support Model
58 SQLBolt - Learn SQL The Interactive Way
59 Cassandra 4 Improves Performance
60 Apache Impala 4 Supports Operator Multi-Threading
61 Tableau Improves Augmented Analytics
62 MongoDB 5 Adds Live Resharding
63 DenoDB Enables Wider Database Support
64 MariaDB 10.6 Strengthens JSON
65 Postgres Pro Enterprise 13 Released
66 OtterTune AutoTweaks Your DBMS With Help From ML
67 MariaDB SkySQL Improves AWS Support
68 Mongita Embedded MongoDB Alternative Announced
69 Google Releases Logic Programming Language
70 Apache Ignite Adds Spark DataFrames Support
71 Apache Daffodil Now Top Level Project
72 Hasura GraphQL Adds REST Support
73 Apache Gobblin Reaches Top Level Status
74 Apache Arrow Improves C++ Support
75 ScaleOut Improves Dev Support For Streaming Analytics
76 Apache Superset Reaches Top Level Project Status
77 PostgreSQL Is DB-Engines DBMS of the Year For 2020
78 BlocklySQL - Visual SQL Programming
79 MariaDB Certified For Power BI
80 Amazon Adds SQL Support To DynamoDB
81 DataGrip Adds SQL For MongoDB
82 CockroachDB 20.2 Adds PostGIS Spatial Data Support
83 MongoDB Trends
84 An Introduction to Neo4j
85 Neo4j Announces Graph Machine Learning Framework
86 Amazon Time Series Database Reaches General Availability
87 Couchbase Connect Goes Online
88 Analytic SQL for Developers
89 Cockroach Creates Pebble
90 SQLite 3.33 Increases Maximum Database Size
91 MongoDB Improves Query Language
92 Hadoop 3.3 Adds ARM Support
93 RavenDB Adds Time Series Query Support
94 PostgreSQL Multi-Model Graph Extension Announced
95 Oracle In-Memory Data Grid Now Open Source
96 SQLite Gets Jupyter Kernel
97 SQLite Fixes Security Flaw
98 CockroachDB 20.1 Improves App Development
99 Free Database Schemas From DrawSQL
100 CouchDB Adds Live Shard Splitting
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