SQLite 3.43 Released
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 05 September 2023

SQLite 3.43 has been released with new support for Contentless-Delete FTS5 Indexes, as well as better JSON processing.

SQLite is a widely deployed database, and is compact, with a library size of under 600KB with all features enabled. It is an in-process library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. In addition, the developers describe it as a language-agnostic development environment, with high-quality language kernels for languages including Python, C++, R and Julia.


The first major improvement in this release is support for Contentless-Delete FTS5 Indexes. This is a variety of FTS5 full-text search index that omits storing the content that is being indexed while also allowing records to be deleted. 

Normally, when a row is inserted into an FTS5 table, in addition to building the index, FTS5 makes a copy of the original row content. When column values are requested from the FTS5 table, those values are read from that private copy of the content. The "content" option may be used to create an FTS5 table that stores only FTS full-text index entries. Because the column values themselves are usually much larger than the associated full-text index entries, this can save significant database space.

The next improvement to SQLite is to the JSON processing, and the developers say this results in a two times performance improvement for some kinds of processing on large JSON strings.

The query planner has also received attention. Specifically, the LEFT JOIN strength reduction optimization has been generalized so that it works for RIGHT and FULL JOINs as well. To reflect this, the feature has been renamed as an OUTER JOIN strength reduction, and the theorem prover has been enhanced in the OUTER JOIN strength reduction optimization so that it returns fewer false-negatives.

Elsewhere, SQLite 3.43 now has a timediff() SQL function and an octet_length(X) SQL function. SQL 3.43 is available now.


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