June Week 3
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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Every day for over 10 years I Programmer has had new material written by programmers, for programmers. Each week our digest gives a handy summary of the latest content, which this week includes an addition to our Programmer's Bookshelf and a JavaScript Jem. While you are on the site there's plenty more to explore, whatever topics  you are interested in.

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June 13 - 19, 2019    

Professional Programmer

Web Design And Development - Top Pick CSS And HTML Books   Monday 17 June

hellohtmlThe majority of development now takes place for the Web, so it's no surprise that we've reviewed hundreds of books on HTML and CSS. For Programmer's Bookshelf we choose the most highly rated titles and summarize our recommendations - with link to the original full reviews. 

The Core

The Confusing Comma In JavaScript   Thursday 13 June

commaNot every comma in JavaScript is an operator - in fact most of them aren't. It is time to confront the confusing comma. Taken from Ian Elliot's collection of JavaScript Jems


Book Review of the Week

  • Machine Learning and Security

    Mike James awarded it a rating of 3 out of 5 concluding:
    This is a reasonably good book hampered by the difficulty of the subject. It isn't the theory of ML that is difficult but how to go about detecting security violations. If the authors had the solution they wouldn't be writing a book on it, they would be making millions selling it. So what we have is book of techniques that might be useful and a lot of problems waiting for a solution. I enjoyed reading it, but it didn't provide me with any thing that could be used without putting in a lot of work with no promise that it would eventually do the job. 

New Listings in Book Watch  



Dashing Diademata, the Future of ROS  
Wednesday 19 June

The new distribution of ROS2, code named "Dashing Diademata", is the first Long Time Support release following last year's "Crystal". 


JetBrains Survey - Do You Dream Code?  
Wednesday 19 June

jb19sqFor the third year running JetBrains has conducted its Developer Ecosystem Survey and has reported on some of the answers from 7,000 developers from 17 countries. Here's a look at just a handful of the findings. 

MariaDB 10.4 Reaches Release Candidate Status  
Tuesday 18 June

mariadbThere are new versions of both the commercially supported subscription and free versions of MariaDB. 

CERN Goes Open Source  
Tuesday 18 June

cernThe European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN, is stopping using Microsoft products in favor of open-source. The decision has been taken following big increases in license fees by Microsoft. 

Cooperative AI Beats Humans at Quake CTF  
Monday 17 June

Who said that only humans can collaborate? AI not only managed to break this barrier too, but it also managed to beat humans at their very own game. 

WCF And WF Given To Community  
Monday 17 June

netfoundationlogoMicrosoft has handed Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to the community in the form of the .NET Foundation.


Speech2Face - Give Me The Voice And I Will Give You The Face 
Sunday 16 June

faceiconNeural networks are good at spotting patterns and correlations in data, but are they good enough to recreate the face that produced a particular voice? 

What Is Huawei's New Operating System  
Saturday 15 June

huaweiiconHuawei needs a new mobile operating system and is busy trademarking HongMeng, but what more can we say about it other than its name?

Easier Python In Windows 10  
Friday 14 June

pythoniconDevelopers wanting to use Python on Windows now have an easier way to get it up and running after an update to Windows 10. 

Azure Maps Gets Mobility Service APIs  
Tuesday 11 June

azureA collection of APIs designed to make it easier to add real-time information about public transit services has been added to Azure Maps. The APIs can be used to add options such as searching for public transit stops, or finding shared bikes or cars around a given location. 

Python Set To Be Top Language  
Thursday 13 June

tiobepythonThe June TIOBE index is out and it's Python causing the stir. It looks set to knock C and Java from their top positions. Python  really does seem to be the language we all not only want to use, but are actually using

Amazon Introduces Alexa Conversations  
Wednesday 12 June

alexaAmazon has released a preview of Alexa Conversations as a new AI-driven approach to natural dialogs through the Alexa Skills Kit. 



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