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141 Google Style Guide for Android Apps
142 Smartphones, Apps and Advertising
143 Oracle v Google faces further delays
144 New Markets for WP7 Developers
145 Holo Theme Required for Ice Cream Sandwich
146 ChevronWP7 Sold Out - More WP7 Jailbreaks On the Way
147 PhoneGap 1.3 Released
148 How to Write an App
149 Face Swap App Puts WP7 Ahead?
150 Google App Inventor To Shut With No Alternative
151 Android Training
152 10 Billion Android App Downloads Analyzed
153 GeoSocial Apps - Not Popular?
154 Try WP7 via the Browser
155 BlackBerry Playbook Betas
156 ARM's Free Tools for Android
157 Developers Keen on Kindle Fire
158 Windows Phone 1 Year On
159 Microsoft Tempts Mobile App Devs with Incentives
160 jQuery Mobile 1.0 Ready to Use
161 ChevronWP7 - breaking out is hard to do
162 Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Released
163 Android NDK updated
164 Mobile App Usage Greatest Among Young Adults
165 Gingerbread now top flavor of Android
166 It's Really Quick to Make a Mobile App!
167 Nokia' s First Windows Phone
168 Ice Cream Sandwich SDK available
169 Callback and PhoneGap Build
170 Oracle wants injuction against Android - what would that mean?
171 The Madness of ChevronWP7 - More a Parole Than a Jailbreak
172 Android Ice Cream Sandwich arrives!
173 Siri for iPhone 4S
174 Nitobi acquired by Adobe - a Flash move
175 PhoneGap Build in Open Beta
176 Mozilla WebAPI - a universal phone app
177 PhoneGap making changes
178 JQuery Mobile RC 1.0 released
179 Growth predicted for health iPhone apps
180 Symbian to Windows Phone 7 conversion
181 Bada, the fourth mobile OS, to go open source
182 Top Android apps revealed
183 Employers are seeking Android developers
184 How HTML5 adoption impacts Apple
185 AWS Mobile SDKs exit beta
186 PhoneGap for Windows Phone7
187 China - a vast new Android market opens up
188 Froyo still dominates in Android market
189 iOS on Windows, Android and Linux
190 Windows Phone 7 decoded - past, present and future
191 What makes a Droid different from an iOS?
192 Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit
193 More data on Smartphone use
194 App Inventor Returns to MIT
195 Google buys Motorola Mobility
196 Google drops App Inventor
197 OpenSense SDK available to HTC devs
198 Amazon Appstore makes developers unhappy
199 PhoneGap 1.0 - the smart way to create apps?
200 Freemium games pay better
201 Google reduces Android fragmentation
202 Windows Phone Developers Get New App Hub Features
203 FDA to scrutinize mobile medical apps
204 Android 3.2 - getting closer to a single OS
205 Patent troll or paper tiger
206 More Patent Problems for Android devs
207 Android losing developers to iOS
208 Games - pay and play
209 Insights into Smartphone use
210 Windows Phone 7 gets a legal unlocker
211 Patent office rejects entire suit of claims
212 Nokia has encouraging news for developers
213 Gateway to China for Android Apps
214 E-Reader growth spurt
215 iOS5 second beta
216 Patent Office ruling reduces Oracle's case against Google
217 Developers abandoning RIM?
218 JQuery Mobile Beta 1 released
219 Oracle v Google - it's just about money
220 A fun Windows Phone Toolkit
221 Android to Windows Phone conversion kit
222 Mobile SDK for HealthVault
223 Microsoft's new policy for app publishing
224 App Store more profitable than Android Market
225 TouchStudio update
226 Judge losing patience with Oracle v Google?
227 Smartphones, tablets, e-readers - where do you use yours?
228 Windows Phone Mango Tools available
229 Android top for popularity - iPhone makes more money
230 Video calling - popular or not?
231 Samsung's Android Developer Forum
232 Developer required for pothole identification
233 Google I/O 2011 Android videos
234 Android moves on to 3.1 and Ice Cream Sandwich
235 Stop yakking and look at the road
236 Oracle v Google - Judge limits scope of trial
237 First iPhone field guide using visual search
238 Further moves in Oracle versus Google lawsuit
239 How to build a virtual keyboard
240 Microsoft has magic iOS to WP7 conversion tool?
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