Growth predicted for health iPhone apps
Growth predicted for health iPhone apps
Written by Lucy Black   
Saturday, 24 September 2011

There are already around 9,000 health apps available to consumers in the Apple App Store and within a year there are likely to be more than 13,000.


These figures are based on an analysis of 18 months of data from Apple’s AppStore conducted by, a web publication  that chronicles the healthcare sector’s adoption of mobile technology. The analysis performed for a report entitled Consumer Health Apps for Apple’s iPhone leads to the conclusion:

The number of health apps for consumers has grown at a steady, linear rate over the past 18 months. We expect it to continue on this track unless the regulatory environment changes drastically and scares off would-be developers from creating useful health apps for consumers.

It also shows a clear upward trend in the average price of a paid-for health app; in July 2011 the average cost of a paid consumer health app was $3.21 compared to  $2.77 in February 2010.

The largest group of consumer health apps in the AppStore are cardio fitness apps, particularly running apps, a number of which have claimed many millions of users during the past year, diet, stress and relaxation  women's health and strenth training are also well represented:


(click in graph to expand)


If you think that 9,000 health apps sounds like an underestimate this is because Apple’s Health & Fitness and Medical categories claim to offer thousands more, many of which are actually not health, medical, or fitness-related or are aimed at health professionals, which will be the topic of a future report from MobiHealthNews.

Clearly while there are going to be some regulartory risks in the future health apps are a good bet if you want to implement a profit maker.





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