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1 MP3 Free At Last
2 Zip Tests Quantum Mechanics
3 Traveling Salesman Applied To DNA Synthesis
4 Amazing Animated Sorting Demo
5 Bitcoin Difficulty Jumps - A 50% Miner Is Possible
6 Algorithms For Present Wrapping
7 Google's New Brotli Compression Is 25% Better
8 Another Chunk of The Art of Computer Programming
9 Edit Distance Algorithm Is Optimal
10 Software Gives Centimeter Positioning With Phone GPS
11 Genetic Algorithms Reverse Resistance To Antibiotics
12 Replace By Fee - Bitcoin Modifications
13 Waterbear Spaceship - Conway's Life
14 Poker Sorted - Meet Cepheus
15 Marry Or Move On - There's An Algorithm For That
16 17x17x17 Rubik Cube Solved In 7.5 Hours
17 Speed Data Is Enough To Track You
18 Algorithmia - An App Store For Algorithms
19 Riecoin Crypto Currency Mines Primes For Riemann
20 An Envy-Free Algorithm
21 Flaw In Bitcoin Algorithm
22 Reaching The Unreachable - Pi Squared And Catalan's Constant
23 Solve The Riemann Hypothesis With A Quantum Computer
24 Linear Solver In Linear Time
25 Google Zopfli - Nice Compression Shame About The Speed
26 Coding Contest Outperforms Megablast
27 How Algorithms Changed The World
28 Network Coding Speeds Up Wireless by 1000%
29 Life Programmed In Life
30 SmoothLife - A Continuous Conway's Life
31 The XY Traveling Salesman Problem Solved
32 The Chaos Within Sudoku - A Richter Scale
33 How To Disrupt Spontaneous Synchronicity
34 A New DNA Sequence Search - Compressive Genomics
35 Faster Jigsaw Solving
36 Asynchronous Cake Cuttting - a Fair Algorithm
37 A Faster Fourier Transform
38 No 16-Clue Sudoku!
39 Generalized Towers of Hanoi - Optimal Algorithm

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