Machine Learning Engineer Rated Best Job 2019
Written by Lucy Black   
Tuesday, 09 April 2019

The job search site, has published its list of the twenty five best jobs in the US for 2019 and over a quarter of them are ones that are relevant to the I Programmer audience. 

For the purposes of this ranking "best" is defined in as experiencing the fastest increase in job postings between 2015 and 2018  together with offering the highest pay, Machine Learning Engineer come top and Full Stack Developer is in third place.

indeedlogo isn't restricted to technical jobs which accounts for the fact that Insurance Broker and Insurance Advisor and Litigation Attorney comes in 2nd, 4th and 5th place respectively. However, technical jobs requiring programming skills account for  7 of 25 jobs listed:

Rank  Job title % growth
base salary
  1 Machine Learning Engineer  344%  $146,085 179
  3 Full-stack Developer 206%   $114,316 828
 10 Salesforce Developer 129%  $112,031 170
 11 Robotics Engineer 128%  $99,007 53
 13 Computer Vision Engineer 116%  $158,303 38
 18 Agile Coach 129%  $161,377 60
 22 Data Scientist 129%  $131,389 755


The final column is the number of job postings with this title per million jobs in 2018 - which shows that there's much higher demand for full stack developers and for data scientists than for machine learning engineers.

The list raises a number of questions - like why is machine learning engineer so much better than data scientist. It can't really be said that ML engineer is more specialized than data scientist, they both generally require at least a Master's degree. Is it simply that being a very recently emerging role, ML engineer has more scope for seeing a huge growth in job postings in the period 2015-18?  

Like Machine Learning engineer, robotics engineer and computer vision engineer are emerging job roles. Why should robotics engineers be paid so much less than either of the other two? Is it that they are jobs with a hardware rather than a software focus? Or are they located in different cities, given that there is a wide disparity of salary according to geography even within the United States.

Agile coach is the highest paying job in the list, and certainly there is a certain superstar status associated with this role. Personally I'm surprised to find that Salesforce developer is a separate job title, but the salary looks attractive so if you don't want to specialize in artificial intelligence then it could be worth looking into. 



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