GitLab Adds Seamless Geo Experience
Friday, 07 January 2022

GitLab has been updated with improvements including a simplified Geo configuration, along with an activity list for GitLab's Agent that logs real-time events such as connection and token status, and various SAST improvements including SAST execution policies and support for .NET 6.

GitLab is the web-based repository manager for Git. It is a DevOps platform designed to combine the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application.


The simpler Geo congfiguration is designed to help globally distributed teams accelerate Git clone or Git pull commands by automatically using the geo site closest to them. It was possible in earlier releases to set up Geo with a single, unified URL for all Git operations, but Geo replicas each had their own URL for web UI and API access, so users had to know the URL to the specific Geo replicas they wanted to use. In GitLab 14.6, Geo secondary sites transparently proxy write requests to the primary site while accelerating most read requests.


The new activity list for the GitLab Agent logs real-time events, with the aim of making it easier to monitor your cluster’s activity to detect and troubleshoot faulty events. The developers say that this first implementation logs connection and token statuses and will be followed with more events in future releases. The team also plans to provide a similar solution to track CI/CD Tunnel events.

The other main improvement is to the SAST scan execution policies. Users can now require SAST scans to run on a regular schedule or as part of project CI pipelines, meaning security teams can manage these scan requirements separately without allowing developers to change the configuration. 

GitLab 14.6 is available now.


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