.NET Now Included In Ubuntu
Written by Ian Elliot   
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Microsoft has announced that.NET 6 is now included in Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) and is easily installed. .NET 6 is a Long Term Support release, and Microsoft, with its usual modesty, says the inclusion in Ubuntu represents a major improvement and simplification for Ubuntu users.

.NET was created from a combination of .NET Framework and .NET Core. Ubuntu users can now install it using just the command sudo apt install dotnet6. Microsoft says appliance images are also available with .NET 6 and ASP.NET runtimes.


Alongside the Ubuntu inclusion, Microsoft also announced the release of .NET with Chiseled Ubuntu Containers, a new small and secure container offering from Canonical. These improvements are the result of a new partnership between Canonical and Microsoft.

Microsoft says Canonical have developed a new chisel approach for making ultra-small container images, meaning the chiseled Ubuntu image is 100MB smaller than the Ubuntu images available until now. Microsoft describes the chiseling as delivering the smallest container footprint while still being familiar Ubuntu, describing it as similar to conventional distroless, with a tool that is customized for slicing .deb packages.

Microsoft says the new container images significantly improve security posture, because the reduced size of the ultra-small images offer a smaller attack surface, and the fact there's no package manager also (avoids a whole class of attacks. Similarly, not having a shell avoids another class of attacks, as does the images non-root nature.

Microsoft says they and Canonical are committed to working together to ensure that new .NET releases are available with new Ubuntu releases and that they work well together. This includes security updates and secure delivery of container images.

.NET is available for download.


More Information

.NET 6 Download

.NET in Chiseled Ubuntu Containers.

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