Apache InLong Becomes Top Level Project
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 23 June 2022

Apache has announced InLong is now a top level project. InLong is a one-stop integration framework for massive data that provides automatic, secure, and reliable data transmission capabilities.

InLong was originally developed at Tencent in June 2013 and entered the Apache Incubator in November 2019. It was originally called TubeMQ, and provides high-performance, low-cost message queuing services. It is already in use at a variety of organizations.


The move from TubeMQ to InLong adds the surrounding TubeMQ infrastructure. InLong integrates the whole process of collecting, aggregating, storing, and sorting data processing.

InLong is a SaaS-based service platform that allows users to report, transfer, and distribute data by publishing and subscribing to data based on topics. It is derived from the online production environment, and provides high-performance processing capabilities for massive data streams.

A variety of data access methods canbe used, and InLong can be integrated with different types of Message Queue (MQ). It also provides real-time data extract, transform, and load (ETL) and sorting capabilities based on rules.

InLong also comes with unified system monitoring and alert services. Users can view the running status of queues and topic-based data statistics in a unified data metric platform. They can also configure the alert service based on their business requirements so they're alerted when errors occur.

InLong comes with two SDKs, a dataproxy SDK and a manager SDK. The dataproxy SDK supports multi-data format for access, and users can assemble and send data according to the format recognized by DataProxy (such as six-segment protocol or digital protocol).  The DataProxy SDK provides multi-features such as load balance and dynamically updating the proxy list. This can ensure the reliability of access data, simplify the user's access logic, and reduce the user's access difficulty.

The InLong Manager is the user-oriented unified UI of the entire data access platform, and the client SDK can be used to manipulate group tasks instead of using the UI.

Apache InLong is available now as an incubator project.


More Information

InLong Website

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