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1 Xmas Tree? Sorted!
2 Welcome To A New Part of Donald Knuth's Magnum Opus
3 AMS Award For Max Cut Algorithm
4 Amoeba Solves Traveling Salesman Problem
5 Too Good To Miss: Sorting Algorithms As Art
6 Solving Archaeological Jigsaw Puzzles
7 TimSort Really Is O(nlogn)
8 Genomics Needs Better Compression
9 Fukuoka Ruby Award 2018
10 Gordon Bell Prize For Earth Shattering Research
11 Algorithmic Designs Of Wind-up Toys
12 The Fruit Fly Brain Improves Our Search Algorithms
13 School Bus Optimization
14 Uber Drivers Gaming the Algorithm
15 Bitcoin Splits!
16 Bitcoin Averts A Split
17 MP3 Free At Last
18 Zip Tests Quantum Mechanics
19 Traveling Salesman Applied To DNA Synthesis
20 Amazing Animated Sorting Demo
21 Bitcoin Difficulty Jumps - A 50% Miner Is Possible
22 Algorithms For Present Wrapping
23 Google's New Brotli Compression Is 25% Better
24 Another Chunk of The Art of Computer Programming
25 Edit Distance Algorithm Is Optimal
26 Software Gives Centimeter Positioning With Phone GPS
27 Genetic Algorithms Reverse Resistance To Antibiotics
28 Replace By Fee - Bitcoin Modifications
29 Waterbear Spaceship - Conway's Life
30 Poker Sorted - Meet Cepheus
31 Marry Or Move On - There's An Algorithm For That
32 17x17x17 Rubik Cube Solved In 7.5 Hours
33 Speed Data Is Enough To Track You
34 Algorithmia - An App Store For Algorithms
35 Riecoin Crypto Currency Mines Primes For Riemann
36 An Envy-Free Algorithm
37 Flaw In Bitcoin Algorithm
38 Reaching The Unreachable - Pi Squared And Catalan's Constant
39 Solve The Riemann Hypothesis With A Quantum Computer
40 Linear Solver In Linear Time
41 Google Zopfli - Nice Compression Shame About The Speed
42 Coding Contest Outperforms Megablast
43 How Algorithms Changed The World
44 Network Coding Speeds Up Wireless by 1000%
45 Life Programmed In Life
46 SmoothLife - A Continuous Conway's Life
47 The XY Traveling Salesman Problem Solved
48 The Chaos Within Sudoku - A Richter Scale
49 How To Disrupt Spontaneous Synchronicity
50 A New DNA Sequence Search - Compressive Genomics
51 Faster Jigsaw Solving
52 Asynchronous Cake Cuttting - a Fair Algorithm
53 A Faster Fourier Transform
54 No 16-Clue Sudoku!
55 Generalized Towers of Hanoi - Optimal Algorithm