May Week 4
Saturday, 27 May 2023

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May 18 - 24, 2023

Featured Articles

Top 7 CI/CD Pipeline Tools
22 May | Gilad David Maayan
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If you haven't yet adopted CI/CD practices, the best advice is to choose tools that are easy to use, scalable, and compatible with your existing workflows and tools. We compare the features of seven popular options.

Just jQuery The Core UI - Easy Plugins
21 May | Ian Elliot
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There comes a point in every jQuery programmer's life when they look at some JavaScript they have just created and realize that it is time to integrate it with jQuery – in short create a plugin. It turns out to be easier than you might expect!.


Programming News and Views

Copilot X Star Of Show on Build Day 1
24 May | Sue Gee
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What do you get if you combine GitHub Copilot with ChatGPT? The answer is Copilot X which is set to revolutionize how we build apps. GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke showcased it on the opening day of Build and made a special announcement to the live audience in Seattle.

GPT For Regex - Pros And Cons
24 May | Nikos Vaggalis
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RegExGPT is a online playground that lets you enter a source  and a target string to let GPT generate the regular expression for a match. But what are the pros and cons of the GPT approach to regex code generation?

Trusted Language Extensions Bring PostgreSQL Procedural UDFs To The Cloud
23 May | Nikos Vaggalis
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Trusted Language Extensions on Amazon allow you to write PostgreSQL user-defined functions for its cloud database offerings in one of several supported programming languages.

Julia 1.9 Adds Native Code Caching
23 May | Kay Ewbank
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Julia 1.9 has been released with improvements including caching for native code, heap snapshot support, and improved sorting.

WCGI Is WebAssembly + Old School CGI
22 May | Nikos Vaggalis
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WCGI combines the newest innovations with the technology of the old school. To what end? CGI is dead. Long live WCGI!

IBM Announces WatsonX AI Platform
22 May | Kay Ewbank
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IBM has announced IBM watsonx, a new AI and data platform. It includes an AI development studio with access to IBM-curated and trained foundation models and open-source models, access to a data store and to a toolkit for AI governance.

Lost at SQL - The Game
21 May | Nikos Vaggalis
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Do you want to get conversant with SQL? "Lost at SQL" offers a gamified approach to learning the basics of SQL addressed to total beginners.

All Quiet In RedMonk's Language Rankings
19 May | Janet Swift
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The latest iteration of the bi-annual RedMonk Language Rankings took place in January 2023, but the results have only just been publicized. One possible reason for the delay could be there was so little to say!

Free Course On ChatGPT Prompt Engineering
19 May | Sue Gee
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DeepLearning.AI, in partnership with OpenAI, is currently offering free training into a key new skill that developers are keen to acquire in order to build applications on top of ChatGTP.

JetBrains Releases Compose Multiplatform for iOS
18 May | Kay Ewbank
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JetBrains has released an alpha version of Compose Multiplatform for iOS. The latest platform means Compose Multiplatform can now be used to build cross-platform user interfaces for iOS, Android, desktop, and the web with Kotlin.

Angular 16 Improves Reactivity
18 May | Ian Elliot
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Angular 16 has been released in what the developers say is the biggest release since its original rollout. The team says there are large leaps in reactivity, server-side rendering, and tooling


Books of the Week

If you want to purchase, or to know more about, any of the titles listed below from Amazon, click on the book jackets at the top of the right sidebar. If you do make Amazon purchases after this, we may earn a few cents through the Amazon Associates program which is a small source of revenue that helps us to continue posting.

Full Review

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software, 2nd Ed (Microsoft Press)

Author: Charles Petzold
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Date: August 2022
Pages: 480
ISBN: 978-0137909100
Audience: General
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Mike James
Code! We all need to know about it.

Book Watch

Parallel and High Performance Programming with Python (AVA)

This book teaches the techniques and applications of parallel computing. Fabio Nelli starts with an introduction to parallel programming and the different types of parallelism, including parallel programming with threads and processes. The book then moves on to asynchronous programming, distributed Python, and GPU programming with Python, providing you with the tools you need to optimize your programs for distributed and high-performance computing. The book also covers a wide range of applications for parallel computing, including data science, artificial intelligence, and other complex scientific simulations.

Introduction to Quantum Computing with Q# and QDK (Springer)

This book introduces the fundamentals of the theory of quantum computing, illustrated with code samples written in Q#, a quantum-specific programming language, and its related Quantum Development Kit. Filip Wojcieszyn begins by covering historical aspects of quantum theory and quantum computing, as well as offers a gentle, algebra-based, introduction to quantum mechanics, specifically focusing on concepts essential for the field of quantum programming.

Not with a Bug, But with a Sticker (Wiley)

In this book, subtitled "Attacks on Machine Learning Systems and What To Do About Them", a team of distinguished adversarial machine learning researchers delivers an account of the most significant risk to currently deployed artificial intelligence systems: cybersecurity threats. Ram Shankar Siva Kumar and Hyrum Anderson look at a range of systems ranging from government organizations to academic workshops at ski chalets to Google’s cafeteria, recounting how major AI systems remain vulnerable to the exploits.



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