JetBrains Releases Compose Multiplatform for iOS
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 18 May 2023

JetBrains has released an alpha version of Compose Multiplatform for iOS. The latest platform means Compose Multiplatform can now be used to build cross-platform user interfaces for iOS, Android, desktop, and the web with Kotlin.

The new support for iOS in Compose Multiplatform extends the range of platforms to cover the vast majority of mobile phones, though the Compose team reminds developers that Compose Multiplatform for iOS is in Alpha and still has many work-in-progress areas.


The GitHub page for the alpha says projects created using the Compose Multiplatform for iOS template will create a Kotlin Multiplatform project that uses the Compose Multiplatform UI framework.

JetBrains describes Compose Multiplatform as a modern declarative and reactive UI framework that allows developers to build UI once and run it on all supported platforms, including Android, desktop, web, and now iOS.

The differentiator for Compose Multiplatform is that developers can use the same APIs recommended for modern Android development on other platforms as Compose Multiplatform is built on top of Jetpack Compose and Kotlin Multiplatform.

Jetpack Compose is the recommended UI framework from Google for building native UI. Kotlin Multiplatform is the technology that allows sharing Kotlin code, such as business logic, connectivity, and more, and running it on different platforms. Until now Kotlin Multiplatform limited developers to sharing the business logic for their applications. Compose Multiplatform can be used to implement the user interface once and using it across all target platforms.

Web developers can use Compose for Web’s stable DOM API with full interoperability with all browser APIs to build dynamic web apps, and the advantage of the underlying use of Kotlin Multiplatform means developers don't need to compromise on using platform-specific features and APIs, and also get the advantage of the wide variety of production-ready Kotlin libraries and frameworks.

JetBrains Compose Multiplatform for iOS is available as an alpha release now.


More Information

Compose Multiplatform Website 

Compose Multiplatform iOS On GitHub

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