September Week 3
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Saturday, 21 September 2019

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12 - 18 September 2019


The Core

JavaScript Canvas - OffscreenCanvas  
Monday 16 September

largecover360OffscreenCanvas is relatively new but it can make your graphics smooth without blocking the UI thread. In this extract from a chapter in my new book on JavaScript Graphics we look at how it works. 

Modern Java

Introducing Java - Swing Objects  
Thursday 12 September

runIn the second part of our beginner's guide to Modern Java, we find out more about objects by exploring the Swing framework with a simple hands-on example. 


Book Review of the Week

  • Excel 2019 Bible

    Kay Ewbank awarded a rating of 4 out of 5 explaining her reservation with:
    This is a big book that attempts to cover everything you could ever want to know about Excel 2019. The difficulty lies in having one book for everything from 'this is a worksheet' to 'creating custom add-ins'. 


New Listings in Book Watch   



Auto Debug For Kotlin  
Wednesday 18 September

No, this is not an AI approach but a good old down to earth engineering approach to isolating bugs. It's a technique that you could well apply manually, but as an automatic tool - even better.

The Dance Of The Programming Languages  
Wednesday 18 September

globalapptestingAn animated chart that has been shared with several Reddit R Programming communities over the past few days provides an interesting overview into how programming languages have competed for attention over more than a decade. 

Linux Foundation Launches Reactive Foundation  
Tuesday 17 September

reactiveThe Linux Foundation has announced the launch of the Reactive Foundation, a new community that aims to promote the use of reactive programming in networked applications.

KaiOS Developer Portal Goes Live  
Tuesday 17 September

kaioslogoThe title I really wanted was "KaiOS rules", but that wouldn't have told you that you now have help if you want to develop programs for the KaiOS mobile phone operating system. But what exactly is KaiOS and why should you care? 

Eclipse Releases Jakarta EE 8 Spec  
Monday 16 September

jakartaeeThe Eclipse Foundation has released the Jakarta EE 8 Full Platform and Web Profile specifications and related Technology Compatibility Kits. Eclipse says this release provides a new baseline for the evolution and innovation of enterprise Java technologies under an open, vendor-neutral, community-driven process. 

MiniApp - A W3C Standard From China  
Monday 16 September

miniapp2If you haven't heard of MiniApp then this might be because it's an idea out of China. The Chinese Web Interest Group has published a W3C working draft of the specification. So what is a Mini App? 

GymCam Tracks Your Workout  
Sunday 15 September

gymcam1If you have ever had words with your smartwatch activity monitor when you discover it has ignored your 30-minute near death workout then you will welcome GymCam. 

Battery UI Changes Users Space And Time  
Saturday 14 September

batteryokWe don't really consider the effects that our user interfaces have on human behavior. Could it be that we are changing the way people think about time and space simply by showing them a bar indicator of battery state? 

Terry Tao Almost Proves Collatz Conjecture  
riday 13 September

Collatz ConjectureAlthough not as well known as the long standing P=NP conjecture, Collatz has fascinated people for the past eight decades and produced almost as many flawed proofs. Now mathematician Terence Tao seems to be close to a proof.


Google Open Sources Differential Privacy Library  
Friday 13 September

googlelogoGoogle has released an open source version of its differential privacy library, which is used for some of Google’s core products. To make the library easy for developers to use, Google has concentrated on features that it says can be particularly difficult to execute from scratch, like automatically calculating bounds on user contributions. 

MasterTracks and Professional Certificates in Data Science on Coursera   Thursday 12 September

certCoursera has introduced two new types of credentials and has  Data Science offering for both of them. The new MasterTrack courses will be of interest to those looking to gain a Masters Degree while the Professional Certificates are more career-oriented. 

ScyllaDB Launches DynamoDB Migration Tool  
Thursday 12 September

scylladbThe team behind ScyllaDB is working on an open source alternative to Amazon’s DynamoDB. Project Alternator is a DynamoDB-compatible API that is written in C++ and is a part of Scylla. 


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