June Week 4
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Saturday, 29 June 2019

If you want to get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer, our weekly digest summarizes the articles, book reviews,and news written each day by programmers, for programmers. This week we start with an extract from "The Programmers Guide To Kotlin" and, for fun, we also have a coding puzzle.

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June 20 - 26, 2019    

The Core

The Programmers Guide To Kotlin - Inline Functions   Tuesday 25 June

kotlinlogoKotlin provides many new ways to work with functions but in the end it all comes down to how these map onto Java's way of doing things. In this extract from the book on Kotlin by Mike James we look at how to work with and understand inline functions. 

Programmer Puzzles

JavaScript Puzzle - The Too Tidy Assignment  
Thursday 20 June

javascriptpuzThere is a rule about not optimizing code too soon. Perhaps we should add to that the rule that being too tidy is often a mistake. Here we have a JavaScript example where things go wrong because of an attempt to keep the code compact and understandable. 

Book Review of the Week   

  • Pro SQL Server On Linux

    Kay Ewbank awarded a top, 5-star rating, to this book, concluding:
    This is a really good book. It's easy to read, has some fascinating background information about why various choices were made, and excellent information of how and why to do things using SQL Server for Linux. Highly recommended.

New Listings in Book Watch  




Does OpenAI's GPT-2 Neural Network Pose a Threat to Democracy?   Wednesday 26 June

Undoubtedly OpenAI's Neural Network for deep text generation was built with good intentions, but can its sheer power become a recipe for disaster? 

Machine Learning With Python From MIT on edX   Wednesday 26 June

sdsmlA free online course that brings together the most popular programming language with one of today's hottest topics has just started and you can still enroll with plenty of time to complete it. 

GitHub Acquires Pull Panda  
Tuesday 25 June

githubdeklogoMicrosoft has bought Pull Panda to add more collaborative tools to GitHub. The acquisition came exactly a year after Microsoft bought GitHub. 

Percona's DBMS Popularity Survey  
Tuesday 25 June

Open Source vs. Commercial, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise vs. Hybrid Cloud? Which one? Last month ScaleGrid attended Percona's Live event, got the insight on the most used "databases" by Percona's clients in 2019 and made a report out of it. 

Raspberry Pi 4 Sets New Performance High At Same Cost   Monday 24 June

pi41The Raspberry Pi 4 is now available, and for the same base price of $35, but the specifications are much improved. This is a Pi that you can use as a desktop machine. 

Chrome Cryptocode Generator Revealed  
Monday 24 June

Chrome LogoA system that automatically generates optimized cryptography code is in use in Google Chrome. The details were revealed at the recent IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy by MIT researchers. 

Historical Highway Marker Celebrating BASIC  
Sunday 23 June

BASICplaqueThe plaque proclaims BASIC as "the first user-friendly computer programming language" and is located on New Hampshire Route 120, close to Dartmouth College where it was created in 1964. 

Drones Display Better Than Fireworks!  
Saturday 22 June

dronessq2Vistitors to last month's 2019 Big Data Expo held in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, southwest China were treated to a nightly light show staged using 526 drones. The quality of the display is exceptional, proving that drones can replace fireworks for spectacular large-scale displays. 

Google Area 120 Releases Game Builder  
Friday 21 June

area120Google's workshop for experimental products has created Game Builder, a way of creating multiplayer games without the need to know how to program games. 

Nim Reaches Release Candidate Stage  
Friday 21 June

nimNim has been updated with what the developers say is the release candidate for version 1.0. Nim (formerly called Nimrod) is a statically typed and compiled systems programming language that focuses on performance, portability and expressiveness. 

Learn VIM with the OpenVim Interactive Tutorial  
Thursday 20 June

openvim-logoSoftware development is flooded with IDE's and text editors, the general consensus being that VSCode is the most popular. What about Vim? 

Kedro Open Source library For Machine Learning  
Thursday 20 June

kedroA new open source development workflow framework for creating machine learning code has been released. Kedro has PySpark integration and an SDK for working with datasets. 



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