August Week 2
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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Catch up with everything that appeared on I Programmer last week. Our digest gives links to news coverage together with the week's book reviews and additions to Book Watch. The list finishes with two full length articles - an exploration of Quadtrees and Octrees and an extract from Just JavaScript dealing with real world objects.

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August 9 - 15, 2018 

Book Watch

This week's additions to Book Watch, our ever-growing archive of newly published computer books, are:  

Book Reviews

  • SQL Server 2017 Administrator’s Guide

    Ian Stirk awarded a rating of 1 out of 5 on the grounds that on the grounds that, while the most essential task of a DBA is backup and recovery, the treatment of it in this book is terrible.

  • Machine Learning in Python

    Awarding this book a rating of 3.5 out of 5, Mike James concluded: If you want a practical introduction to penalized regression, binary decision trees, random forests and so on then this might give you a starting point. However, you will need to read something with a more theoretical approach if you are to make any progress in the field. 


Chaff Bugs Make Your Code More Secure  
Wednesday 15 August

The idea that bugs could be a good thing is not a natural one to most programmers - or it shoudn't be. Bugs not only crash your program, they are ways for bad people to get into your code. Perhaps more bugs could be used to hide the really dangerous bugs? 

Landoop Lenses Adds Protobuf Support  
Wednesday 15 August

The Lenses SQL streaming engine for Apache Kafka can now handle any type of serialization format, including Google’s Protobuf. 

NVIDIA's Turing - A Big Leap Forward For GPUs  
Tuesday 14 August

NVIDIA has used SIGGRAPH 2018 to announce its new GPU hardware and has upstaged just about everyone else. The new Turing architecture is a big step up and it means that GPUs can get back to what they were intended for - graphics. 

Rust 1.28 Improves Memory Use  
Tuesday 14 August

More effective use of system memory at run time is the main improvement to the latest Rust, version 1.28. 

SIGGRAPH 2018 Is Underway  
Monday 13 August

Yes, it's that time of year again - SIGGRAPH the most important graphics conference and show on the planet opened for full business today and, as always, there are more videos to look at than time to view. Here are some of the most interesting. 

GitHub Security Alerts For Python
Monday 13 August

GitHub has added Python to the list of languages where you can check out security alerts. Python developers can now see problems on a dependency graph and receive security alerts whenever their repositories depend on packages with known security vulnerabilities. 

Gerald Weinberg - A Seminal Influence On Programming   Sunday 12 August

Gerald Weinberg died on August 7, 2018 at the age of 84. The author of The Psychology of Computer Programming and Introduction to General Systems Thinking , both of which are considered to be classics, he is regarded as a leading teacher of the psychology and anthropology of computer software development.  

Water, Water, Everywhere And All Of It Computer Generated   Saturday 11 August

It's Siggraph just around the corner and there will be videos to watch. This one is of water waves that not only wave about but interact with solid objects in realistic ways, and all in realtime. Bring your sea sickness tablets for the section at around 1 minute in. 

Julia 1.0 Released  
Friday 10 August

Julia 1.0 has been released after almost a decade of work. Julia has been designed to be open source, fast, dynamic, usable for general programming and more specialist areas such as statistics. 

Android Pie API is Kotlin Friendly  
Friday 10 August

Although Kotlin is compatible with Java, and there really isn't any need to change the Java APIs that Android runs on, a little annotation can make interworking easier. Android P's SDK is now null- and Kotlin-friendly. 

Stack Overflow Adopts New Code of Conduct  
Thursday 09 August

Since its inception Stack Overflow has had the explicit policy of "Be Nice". This has now been expanded into a Code of Conduct with the aim of promoting "kindness, collaboration, and mutual respect." 

Dart 2 Released With New Mobile Focus  
Thursday 09 August

Dart 2 is now available as a stable release having undergone a complete rewrite. The open source language has been redesigned to focus on mobile and Web client-side applications. 

The Core

Just JavaScript - Real World Objects  
Monday 13 August

It would be nice if all there was to say about JavaScript objects was the ideas introduced in Chapter two. In fact there are various facilities that have been introduced to make objects more usable. While these don’t change the basic philosophy of JavaScript they can cloud the issue when you first start learning the language. In this book extract Ian Elliot looks at some features that make real world objects easier to use. 

Quadtrees and Octrees  
Thursday 09 Augustarticle thumbnail

If you do any advanced work in graphics, sooner or later you will meet the Quadtree or its 3D relation, the Octree. For this reason alone they are worth knowing about, but they are also something you should have in your armory of data structures. 


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