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Breached!: Why Data Security Law Fails and How to Improve It (Oxford University Press)
Friday, 25 March 2022

Despite the passage of many data security laws, data breaches
are increasing at a record pace. In this book Daniel Solove and Woodrow Hartzog argue that the law fails because, ironically, it focuses too much on the breach itself. Drawing insights from many fascinating stories about data breaches, the authors show how major breaches could have been prevented or mitigated through a different approach to data security rules.

<ASIN:‎ 0190940557>

Python Testing with pytest, 2nd Ed (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
Wednesday, 23 March 2022

This book shows how to use pytest to write tests quickly and keep them readable and maintainable. In this fully revised edition, Brian Okken explores pytest's superpowers - simple asserts, fixtures, parametrization, markers, and plugins - while creating simple tests and test suites against a small database application. With simple step-by-step instructions and sample code, this book gets you up to speed quickly on this easy-to-learn yet powerful tool.


Functional Programming in C# 2nd Ed (Manning)
Monday, 21 March 2022

This book aims to show developers how to apply functional thinking to C# code. Enrico Buonanno's practical examples and spot-on treatment of FP concepts makes it the perfect guide for proficient C# programmers. This second edition is fully revised to cover new functional-inspired features in the most recent releases of C#, including tuples, async streams, pattern matching, and records.


Starflight (Steel Gear Press)
Friday, 18 March 2022

Subtitled "How the PC and DOS Exploded Computer Gaming 1987-1994", this book examines why the PC became the gaming juggernaut despite poor graphics and a design aimed at business users. Author Jamie Lendino tells the full story, from the early ill-fated (if influential) failures such as the PCjr and Tandy 1000, and diving deep into the industry-shattering innovations in processing, graphics, sound, software, and distribution that gave the PC (and the gamers who loved it) unprecedented power and reach.


Real-World Next.js (Packt)
Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Starting with the basics of Next.js, this book demonstrates how the framework can help developers reach their goals. Michele Riva shows the versatility of Next.js by building real-world applications with step-by-step explanations. The book looks at how to choose the right rendering methodology for websites, securing it, and deploying it to different providers, all while focusing on performance and developer happiness.


JavaScript Three-Tier Architectures in AWS with React, Node and MongoDB (Blue Sky Productions)
Monday, 14 March 2022

This book shows to utilize JavaScript to build a real world three-tier architecture that is hosted in AWS cloud platform services. Eric Bush looks at the fundamentals of a database tier, a services tier and how to build a UI tier web application, based on the three main frameworks of React, Node/Express and MongoDB. The book combines new content presented with plenty of depth and additional topics to form a single resource.


The Founders (Simon & Schuster)
Friday, 11 March 2022

Today, PayPal’s founders and earliest employees are considered the technology industry’s most powerful network. Since leaving PayPal, they have formed, funded, and advised the leading companies of our era, including Tesla, Facebook, YouTube, SpaceX, Yelp, Palantir, and LinkedIn, among many others. In this book, author Jimmy Soni explores PayPal’s turbulent early days. With hundreds of interviews and unprecedented access to thousands of pages of internal material, he shows how the seeds of so much of what shapes our world today—fast-scaling digital start-ups, cashless currency concepts, mobile money transfer—were planted two decades ago.


Beginning ReactJS Foundations (Wrox)
Wednesday, 09 March 2022

This book walks readers through the fundamental concepts of programming with the React JS front-end tool. Written by Chris Minnick, a full-stack engineer, speaker, and community organizer, the book looks at how to understand React and how to begin building applications with it. The book covers the technical terminology used by ReactJS developers and works with relevant and modern examples perfect for React and programming newbies and veterans alike. It assumes no prior software engineering knowledge or experience, explaining and clarifying terms of art as they’re introduced.


Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile (Manning)
Monday, 07 March 2022

This book introduces next generation tools that have been cloud-native and Kubernetes-aware right from the beginning. Written by veteran Java developers John Clingan and Ken Finnigan, this book shares expert insight into Quarkus and MicroProfile directly from contributors at Red Hat. You’ll learn how to utilize these modern tools to create efficient enterprise Java applications that are easy to deploy, maintain, and expand.

<ASIN:‎ 1617298654>

Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn (Packt)
Friday, 04 March 2022

This book sets out to be a comprehensive guide to machine learning and deep learning with PyTorch, and to act as both a step-by-step tutorial and a reference. Sebastian Raschka and Yuxi (Hayden) Liu provide explanations, visualizations, and examples, to cover the essential machine learning techniques in depth. This new edition is expanded to cover the latest trends in deep learning, including graph neural networks and large-scale transformers used for natural language processing (NLP).


C# 10.0 All-in-One For Dummies (Wiley)
Wednesday, 02 March 2022

This book teaches the basics of the language itself, how to code in Visual Studio, and how to take advantage of the new features in the latest release. In six mini books, John Paul Mueller takes you through the changes to C# and the practical applications and dev tools that you need to know. New features covered include records, init only setters, top-level statements, pattern matching enhancements, and fit and finish features.


SQL in 24 Hours, 7th Ed (Sams Teach Yourself)
Monday, 28 February 2022

This book contains 24 lessons of one hour or less to show how to use SQL to build effective databases, efficiently retrieve data, and manage everything from performance to security. Ryan Stephens shows how to work with database structures, objects, queries, and tables. This Seventh Edition is thoroughly revised and reorganized for faster learning and a deeper understanding of modern SQL development.



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