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How Data Happened (W. W. Norton)
Monday, 10 April 2023

From facial recognition―capable of checking people into flights or identifying undocumented residents―to automated decision systems that inform who gets loans and who receives bail, data-empowered algorithms are key to modern life. Expanding on the course they created at Columbia University, Chris Wiggins and Matthew L. Jones illuminate the ways in which data has long been used as a tool and a weapon in arguing for what is true, as well as a means of rearranging or defending power.

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Collaborative Worldbuilding for Video Games (CRC Press)
Friday, 07 April 2023

This book is a theoretical and practical deep dive into the craft of worldbuilding for video games, with an explicit focus on how different job disciplines contribute to worldbuilding. In addition to providing lenses for recognizing the various components in creating fictional and digital worlds, Kaitlin Tremblay positions worldbuilding as a reciprocal and dynamic process, a process which acknowledges that worldbuilding is both created by and instrumental in the design of narrative, gameplay, art, audio, and more.

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The Pragmatic Programmer for Machine Learning (Chapman & Hall/CRC )
Wednesday, 05 April 2023

This book addresses the disparity between the fact that machine learning has redefined the way we work with data and is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of everyday life, yet software engineering has played a remarkably small role compared to other disciplines. Marco Scutari and Mauro Malvestio take an overview of how to design machine learning pipelines as well as the state-of-the-art tools we use to make them.

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Essentials Of Compilation (MIT Press)
Monday, 03 April 2023

Most books about compilers dedicate one chapter to each progressive stage, a structure that hides how language features motivate design choices. By contrast, in this book subtitled An Incremental Approach in Racket, Jeremy G. Siek provides an incremental approach that allows students to write every single line of code themselves.

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Robotics at Home with Raspberry Pi Pico (Packt)
Friday, 31 March 2023

This book starts from the first steps in planning, building, and programming a robot with Raspberry Pi Pico. After a quick tour of Pico, Danny Staple begins with designing a robot chassis in 3D CAD, providing easy-to-follow instructions, shopping lists, and plans. Later chapters add simple sensors and outputs to extend the robot, reinforce design skills, and techniques for programming with CircuitPython. The book also covers interactions with electronics, standard robotics algorithms, and the discipline and process for building robots.

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Troubleshooting Java (Manning)
Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Subtitled Read, debug, and optimize JVM applications, in this book Laurentiu Spilca demonstrates techniques for code profiling, advanced debugging, and log evaluation to find and fix bugs and performance problems. Spilca teaches code investigation techniques that will help you efficiently understand how Java apps work, how to optimize them, and how to fix the bugs that break them.


Digital Image Processing with C++ (CRC Press)
Monday, 27 March 2023

This book presents the theory of digital image processing, and implementations of algorithms using a dedicated library. David Tschumperle, Christophe Tilmant and Vincent Barra present the mathematical theories underlying digital image processing, as well as their practical implementation through examples of algorithms implemented in the C++ language, using the free and easy-to-use CImg library.


Program Proofs (MIT Press)
Friday, 24 March 2023

This comprehensive and highly readable textbook teaches how to formally reason about computer programs using an incremental approach and the verification-aware programming language Dafny. K. Rustan M. Leino show students what it means to write specifications for programs, what it means for programs to satisfy those specifications, and how to write proofs that connect specifications and programs.


Automating DevOps with GitLab CI/CD Pipelines (Packt)
Wednesday, 22 March 2023

This book shows how to use GitLab CI/CD pipelines for automating and deploying different steps of your software development lifecycle using best practices and troubleshooting methods. Christopher Cowell, Nicholas Lotz and Chris Timberlake begin with the basics of Git and GitLab, showing how to commit and review code, and move on to how to set up GitLab Runners for executing and autoscaling CI/CD pipelines and creating and configuring pipelines for many software development lifecycle steps.


T-SQL Fundamentals, 4th Ed (Microsoft Press)
Monday, 20 March 2023

This book shows how to master Transact-SQL’s fundamentals, and write correct, robust code for querying and modifying data with modern Microsoft data technologies, including SQL Server 2022, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Managed Instance. Long-time Microsoft Data Platform MVP Itzik Ben-Gan explains key T-SQL concepts, helping you apply your knowledge with hands-on exercises.


Experimentation for Engineers (Manning)
Friday, 17 March 2023

With the subtitle "From A/B testing to Bayesian optimization", this book consists of a toolbox of techniques for evaluating new features and fine-tuning parameters. David Sweet starts with a deep dive into methods like A/B testing, and then graduates to advanced techniques used to measure performance in industries such as finance and social media. He shows how to evaluate the changes you make to your system and ensure that your testing doesn’t undermine revenue or other business metrics.


Learning Angular 4th Ed (Packt)
Wednesday, 15 March 2023

This book shows how to use it to achieve cross-platform high performance with the latest web techniques, extensive integration with modern web standards, and integrated development environments (IDEs). The book is especially useful for those new to Angular, and Aristeidis Bampakos shows how to get to grips with the bare bones of the framework to start developing Angular apps.

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