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Cloud Computing
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41 Price War In The Cloud - Azure Lowers Prices
42 Amazon AppStream Opens Up
43 Office 365 REST APIs Preview
44 App Engine 1.9.0 Revs Up
45 What's In Store for European Office 365 Connect
46 Google Cloud SQL Open For Business
47 AWS Adds Hosted R
48 Revised Dates For European Office 365 Connect
49 Amazon Kinesis For Real-Time Processing of Data
50 Amazon AppStream - Let The Cloud Do The Heavy Lifting
51 Visual Studio Goes Online - Cloud Based Cloud Development
52 AWS SDK for JavaScript Released
53 Native MySQL on Google Cloud
54 Yandex Cocaine
55 European Office 365 Connect 2014
56 Oracle Cloud Expands
57 Oracle VMs On Azure
58 Use That Spare Android Time To Solve World Problems - BOINC
59 AWS SDK for .NET Version 2
60 Microsoft Introduces Lab of Things in HomeOS
61 Windows Azure Toolkit For Eclipse Updated
62 Microsoft and Oracle To Work Together
63 Google App Engine Version 1.8.1 Released
64 RSS Reader As Appliance - Easy Google Reader Replacement
65 Google Provides Backend Services With App Engine
66 Enhancements for Windows Azure
67 Space Monkey - A Personal Distributed Cloud
68 Google Compute Engine Now Open To All
69 New Google Apps Script Features
70 AWS SDK for Node.js Released
71 The Red and the Blue - Azure SDK for Ruby
72 Rackspace Cloud SDK for .NET
73 Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for .NET
74 Elastic MapReduce Demo Shows How to Handle Large Datasets
75 Google Compute Engine
76 AWS Elastic Beanstalk For Node.js
77 Amazon Redshift Ready For Data
78 New 'Swarm' Computing Center
79 Microsoft Brings Devices Under Unified Management
80 Amazon Releases AWS Command Line Interface
81 Amazon SDK for Node.js
82 Amazon Big Data
83 Amazon Redshifts Big Data
84 JavaScript, Open Source & The Cloud
85 Amazon Unveils AWS Conference Sessions
86 Project Hawaii - SDK for Windows Apps
87 Amazon RDS Adds Replication Feature
88 Azure Continuous Deployment With Git
89 Azure SQL Updates
90 Azure plugin for Eclipse with Java
91 More Features for Azure Active Directory
92 Azure Data Coding
93 Cloud Numerics
94 Amazon RDS For Oracle Update
95 Elastic Beanstalk Now Runs Python
96 Amazon Glacier For Cold Storage
97 New Model For Office Apps
98 Google Announces Compute Engine - At Last An Alternative to Amazon AWS
99 iOs and Android AWS Support for DynamoDB
100 Oracle Cloud - 7 Years in the Making
101 New Azure Services for Hybrid Cloud
102 Bing Search API Moves to Windows Azure Marketplace
103 New AWS Managed Services
104 Azure brand alive and well
105 Google App Scripts Improved
106 Changes to AWS Marketplace and a New Partner Program
107 Google Drive API - an Opportunity?
108 AWS Announces CloudSearch
109 Amazon Route 53 Adds Latency Based Routing
110 PHP and Git Deployment for AWS Elastic Beanstalk
111 Azure Outage - Date Arithmetic Details
112 AWS Adds Features, Cuts Prices
113 Leap Year Gotcha for Azure
114 Amazon Simple Workflow Service
115 Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games
116 AWS Storage Gateway
117 Hadoop CTP for Azure
118 Linux in the Azure Cloud
119 Azure Supports Open Source
120 Pig and Hadoop support in Amazon Elastic MapReduce
121 Microsoft’s Rock Paper Azure Challenge is Back
122 App Engine graduates and charges apply
123 AWS support for Denali
124 SQL Azure CTPs released
125 VMware Micro Cloud Factory
126 Has Google done enough to mollify users of App Engine?
127 Amazon introduces AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio
128 New toolkit for Android/Azure apps
129 If iCloud runs on Azure and Amazon what is Apple's data center for?
130 Google's App Engine pricing causes discontent
131 Heat your home with a server or two
132 New Azure Toolkit for Social Games
133 Project Daytona
134 Pivot tables added to Google Docs
135 Backup to the Cloud via a portable drive
136 Google App Engine Go-es Forward
137 F# and VB.NET now in Rock Paper Azure competition
138 HP Printers become Cloud Print ready
139 ADO.NET provider for Salesforce
140 Amazon dumbs down AWS with appliances
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