How To Crack Java Certification
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 20 August 2018
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How To Crack Java Certification
Are you exam ready?
Oracle University and Book Options
Alternative Training Options

Third Party Training

Oracle University isn't the only option for training your employees. Firebrand, a UK-based, pan-European training company offers a top-of-the-range accelerated training option that prepares already fairly experienced Java developers to tackle both the OCA and OCP certifications in a week.


If you enroll on Firebrand's Oracle OCA and OCP Java SE 8 Programmer Certification you'll spend is a whole week away from work, family and friends at its residential training facility where, in a class or around a dozen students, you can focus on acquiring the knowledge you need to passing both the 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809 exams. This 7-day course, next available starting October 15, is all-inclusive - the fee of £5775 + VAT covers all course materials, exams, accommodation and meals and if you don't pass the exam first time you can train again, paying only for exams, accommodation and meals. This is an immersive way to learn - at least 12 hours per day with your instructor. During this time participants do more than study OCA/OCP Java courseware. The instructors use demonstrations and real-world experience to keep the training interesting and engaging. In addition practical exercises are used to make sure participants can apply their new knowledge to the work environment. 


Self-paced online training that you can fit in around a work and life schedule is both more flexible and more affordable and Udemy has a course Java Programming with Java 8 and OCA OCP Java Exam Prep that sounds as though it will to prepare you for both exams. The course includes 25.5 hours on-demand video, 6 coding exercises and a practice test along with other downloadable resources and you have full lifetime access to the materials and assignments.  

While its curriculum seems well organized for learning Java and achieving the outcomes of creating a Java desktop application, using object-oriented programming in the best way and using encapsulation and abstraction for reusable module development, it isn't structured in the same way as the Oracle exams and preparing for the exams seems to be a spin-off rather than the main focus - which is probably what its participants require.

Udemy offers a shorter course, 9 hours of video, for software developers starting to learn Java, which it claims will be useful for those preparing for Oracle certification. Although Ultimate Java Development and Certification Guide doesn't specify Java 8 in its title, a reviewer who gave it 5-stars reported:

it was a pleasant surprise that we used Java 8 syntax many times and got more opportunity to practice it than in any other course I attended before.

Using this course in conjunction with practice tests would probably be good preparation for the OCA exam.

If you are looking for a course that is more closely aligned to the Z1-808 exam there is another Udemy option - Oracle Java Certification - Pass the Associate 1Z0-808 Exam. This hands-on course, taught by Goran Lochert, who is himself Java certified, consists of 135 lectures amounting to over 19 hours of on-demand video which takes you through every topic in the exam. This is done in a hand-on approach with plenty of practical examples. Practice exams are also included to complete this Java OCA certification package.

Learning Java – The Beginner’s Option

So far we've been looking at gaining official Java certification from Oracle – but what if you are a beginner or new to Java. That is where Simplilearn's Java Certification Training Course comes into the picture. This training program requires no previous coding experience is designed to guide you from the beginning concepts of Java to advanced programming techniques.


It comprises 52 hours of interactive instructor-led online training and includes hands-on coding and implementation of 2 web-based projects. The course material consist of 11 lessons in the Java Certification course which starts with an introduction to Java EE, then looks at Servlets and Java Server Pages.


This course is highly practical and provides hands-on experience in JDBC and JUnit Framework. It then moves on to mastering advanced Java topics such as JDBC, Hibernate Query Language(HQL), JSP’s Servlets, service-oriented architecture (SOA), web services and Hibernate and Spring frameworks. The Core Java module, which has 14 lessons, is bundled as a free course and for the beginner it is the place to start. It starts with an introduction to Java with features of Java 8, an introduction to object-oriented programming and fundamentals of Java. Over the next seven Iessons it covers the scope of variables, operators, arrays, loops, methods and constructors and exception handling. Classes from the Java API, the JDBC, unit testing and lambda expressions are among the topics in the remaining lessons with one of them devoted to Java 8.

Once you’ve completed both courses, you will be able to: 

  • Understand basic Core Java 8 concepts

  • Implement multi-threading, string handling and exception handling techniques

  • Set up connections using JDBC to communicate with a database

  • Understand servlet fundamentals such as J2EE, HTTP Protocol and HTML in detail

  • Create a JSP by following directives, and run an application

  • Learn Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and its exciting features

  • Map relationships with Hibernate

  • Learn how to configure AOP in a Java application

  • Dive deeply into SOA architecture

  • Design a SOAP-based web service

There are two options for individuals to take this course. Self-Paced Learning, costs $399 and provides 180 days access to the materials pf both course. The alternative is an Online Classroom Flexi-Pass costing $649. This gives you 90-days access to an instructor-led online classes covering the 11-lesson, hands-on Jave EE module and all the self-paced material, including the free Core Java course is also provided. The live-streamed tuition takes place on Saturdays and Sundays with 13 4-hour sessions on consecutive weekends. The next Java Certification Training Course starts on August 25 and lasts until October 6 when the following class begins. Having 90-days access means you can drop in on 2 or 3 sessions if need be. You can expect 15-20 participant to be enrolled each time around.

The certificate you can earn from this Simplilearn course, by completing one of the projects and gaining a score of 85% on online exam in multiple choice format, isn’t an official Oracle one. However, it provides a good foundation for employment and for gaining the experience necessary to tackle the Java 8 OCA/OCP exams in future.    

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Java Certification Course by Simplilearn

Oracle University

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