JetBrains Announces Increased Subscription Pricing
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 08 July 2022

JetBrains has announced increased subscription pricing for its IDEs, .NET Tools, dotUltimate and the All Products Pack. The new subscription prices come into effect on October 1, 2022 and meanwhile there is a way to postpone paying extra.

JetBrains pointed out that this is the first increase in pricing for seven years for the IDEs, .NET Tools, or the All Products Pack, and that during this time, the company has introduced new products that have been included at no extra cost to everyone using the All Products Pack.


The announcement pointed out that they are also one of the few companies that lowers the cost of subscriptions up to 40% when you renew. 

To mitigate the effect of the price increase, JetBrains is extending the maximum permissible renewal period for both new and existing customers to three years for individual subscriptions, and two years for business subscriptions. While this will require an upfront payment, it will allow you to renew at the current price for more than one year.

The new expiry date of your subscription will count from the day of renewal, and the price will be adjusted to account for any time you may have left on your current subscription. In other words, if you were to renew today for 2 years, but have 3 months left, the renewal price would be lowered to account for those 3 months and your subscription would expire in 2 years from now.

JetBrains said:

"We understand that a price increase is not something any of us like. However, we’ll continue to do our best to minimize these, just like we said when we first introduced subscription pricing. We will be reaching out to all our customers over the next few weeks with this update."

Both new and current prices are listed on the website pricing pages.


More Information

JetBrains Website

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