NetBeans Improves Java Support
Written by Harry Fairhead   
Tuesday, 05 January 2021

Apache NetBeans has been updated to offer improved support for Java 14 and 15 with support for code coloring and formatting alongside handling of new Java language features by autocomplete. The release also contains VSNetBeans, an extension for Visual Studio Code.

Apache NetBeans is an IDE for Java SE, Java EE, PHP and JavaScript development with some Groovy language support. It provides editors, wizards and templates, and is cross platform.



Much of the work to the new release, NetBeans 12.2, has been to improve support for Java 14 and 15. Code coloring and formatting has been improved so that the keywords "sealed", "non-sealed", and "permits" are highlighted conforming to the existing styles of all other Java keywords. The auto-completion feature has also been improved so that it recognizes and completes for the "sealed" type, and also adds the keywords "sealed" and "non-sealed" before "class" declarations. The "permits" keyword is also supported only in the allowed location. In other words, the "permits" clause is not allowed to be put before "extends" and "implements" clause, if present.

The handling of code completion for the Record variable has also been improved, so the editor will analyze the context and then suggest choices that are reachable from the current caret position. Records have been added to Java 14 and 15 as a preview feature.

New miscellaneous Java language features have also received support; NetBeans will now show the types for chained method invocations.and will create new Class, Interface, or Enum where appropriate when you when copy and paste raw text. 

The new release also includes VSNetBeans, an Apache NetBeans Extension for Visual Studio Code. It provides full Java editing and debugging support directly in the VSCode environment. The idea is that by using VSNetBeans, developers get to use the same Java tools that are part of Apache NetBeans, in the hope that VSNetBeans will provide a new avenue for feedback to the Apache NetBeans project.

Gradle support has been improved, including automatic detection of Gradle wrapper distribution and improved Lombok support. A number of libraries including Spring, Gradle, and TestNG have also been updated.



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