Visual Studio Live Share For Collaboration
Written by Sue Gee   
Thursday, 16 November 2017

Visual Studio Live Share, which will bring real-time collaborative editing and debugging to both the full VS IDE and to VS Code, made its debut on the first day of the Microsoft Connect event taking place online November 15 -17. 

Live Share is another leap forward for Visual Studio and the open source Visual Studio Code in the it permits you to work collaboratively on a codebase with a colleague while each of you remains in your own space - own computer and own tools - with no need to clone or copy. It can be used for seeking help, resolving bugs, pair programming and also for conducting a coding interview or performing a review before a code commit or a pull request.

The code you are collaborating on is made available via a secure cloud service and Live Share enables instant access to capabilities like the project tree, code navigation, and search.




This goes beyond just simple screen sharing and will allow developers to sync repos to collaborate; edit and debug in real-time and enjoy all the benefits of pair programming without any of the inconveniences this can entail. In order to discuss your code it can be used with chat, voice, video and screen sharing.

As you can see in this demo of getting help finding a bug, a project can be launched under the debugger, and both people can see the call stack, examine in-scope variables, or even change values in the immediate window. Both sides can single step the debugger to advance through a program.



Microsoft is still at an early stage with this exciting new facility. You can sign up to take part on a private limited Preview (US only) which is hoped will take place in early 2018 and will be restricted to Node.js and ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core (C#) based web applications and services. 


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Introducing Visual Studio Live Share

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