.NET 8 Final Preview Improves ASP.NET Core
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 29 August 2023

The final preview release of .NET 8 has been released, and from now on the .NET team will shift to release candidates. The developers say that almost all new features for the release are in their final shape, and that System.Text.Json and codegen have the biggest changes in this build.

ASP.NET Core has also been improved with new token antiforgery middleware with API and Blazor support, identity API updates and native AOT improvements, while .NET MAUI has better UI Control functionality. Visual Studio 2022 17.7 has been released alongside this .NET preview, and includes a number of features for .NET developers including auto-decompilation for External .NET Code and new Auto Insights for the CPU Usage Tool.

.NET was created from a combination of .NET Framework and .NET Core. NET 8 is a long-term support (LTS) release and will be supported for three years after initial release.


The changes to ASP.NET Core are mainly related to Blazor, so that Blazor endpoints now require antiforgery protection by default. To enable antiforgery support, there's new antiforgery middleware, and the EditForm component will add the antiforgery token automatically for you.

Other Blazor improvements include an Auto render mode for Blazor web apps that the developers say combines the strengths of the Server and WebAssembly render modes into a single dynamic option.

System.text.Json has been improved in this release. It can be used to serialize to and deserialize from JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). There's now feature parity with the JsonSerializerOptions class, which makes it possible to specify serialization configuration at compile time. 

The serializer now has built-in support for Memory<T> and ReadOnlyMemory<T> values, with semantics being equivalent to arrays; and the JsonIncludeAttribute and JsonConstructorAttribute have been extended to non-public members.

.NET 8 Preview 7 is available for download now.


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.NET 8 Preview 7

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