Couchbase Updates Capella
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 03 November 2022

Couchbase has overhauled the Capella developer experience with the aim of making Capella easier to use, better looking, more flexible, more secure and faster. Capella is a fully managed service version of Couchbase’s distributed NoSQL database that includes mobile and IoT application services.

Couchbase is a distributed NoSQL cloud database that combines the properties of a distributed document database (JSON) with features of a traditional DBMS including distributed SQL, transactions, and ACID guarantees.


The updated version has changes aimed at Capella developers, starting with a new GitHub-like layout to the user interface. It also has easier access to Capella documentation, the Couchbase Playground, and tutorials. There's a new Quick Start dashboard with links to the Query Workbench, Import and App Services tools, and to SDKs.

The second change is the addition of another storage engine. Developers now get a choice of Couchstore or Magma. Magma is Couchbase database's internal storage engine that was introduced this year. It optimizes memory consumption and minimizes write amplification when documents are changing frequently. Magma expands cluster node capacity to 10 TB, and improves memory consumption requirements by 90%. Couchbase says Magma is an excellent choice for larger databases and systems where documents mutate frequently.

Another change is the addition of Tableau support for analytics via a new native connector for Tableau. This provides Tableau users with access to active data within Capella via the analytics service.

The final improvement is new security measures and support for industry standard regulations. These start with SOC 2 Type II operational controls, along with HiPAA compliance. Capella also now has support for AWS PrivateLinks and single sign-on via Okta and Azure Active Directory

The updated Capella is available now. 


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