Instaclustr Releases Cassandra Tools
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 14 December 2018

Three open source projects for use with Apache Cassandra have been released by Instaclustr. The projects are designed to make it easier to work with Cassandra alongside Kubernetes, LDAP and Kerberos.

Instaclustr is a provider of managed solutions for scalable open source technologies that operates an automated managed environment providing database, analytics, search, and messaging.


The first project is an open source Cassandra operator that overcomes some of the problems of running Cassandra on Kubernetes. While this can be simple, Kubernetes has limited recognition of database functionality and doesn't fully support storing data in-state.
The new Cassandra operator project provides a set of operators and an environment for managing Cassandra clusters deployed to Kubernetes and automates tasks related to operating an Cassandra cluster. Specifically, it deals with installing, creating and destroying clusters, resizing them, and will in the future let developers carry out a rolling upgrade on a cluster.

An LDAP plug-in is the second tool. It is an open source LDAP authenticator plug-in that works closely with the existing CassandraAuthorizer implementation. The new plug-in lets developers use secure LDAP authentication without the need to write additional code, and to move to using the authenticator with little or no downtime. The current version provides a way to authenticate and create users based on a configured LDAP server. This implementation only provides authentication; role management must be performed through the usual Cassandra role management, CassandraAuthorizer

Instaclustr has also released an open source Kerberos GSSAPI authenticator for use in Apache Cassandra. The authenticator uses Kerberos’ secure authentication and single sign-on capabilities available to developers using Cassandra. This project also includes a Kerberos authenticator plugin for the Cassandra Java driver.

While the projects are available for free use, Instaclustr customers with Apache Cassandra Enterprise Support can receive assistance implementing and running the LDAP and Kerberos authenticators. Enterprise support for the Cassandra operator will start next year.


More Information


Cassandra Operator On GitHub

LDAP authenticator On GitHub

Kerberos Authenticator On GitHub

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