Windows UWP Community Toolkit
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 25 August 2016

An open-source toolkit that lets you build UWP apps for Windows 10 devices has been released by Microsoft. The Windows UWP Community Toolkit can be used to create apps for PC, Mobile, Xbox, IoT and HoloLens.

The toolkit includes features such as new helper functions, custom controls and app services designed to simplify common developer tasks. The development team says that the goal is wherever possible to allow app developers to get started with just one line of code.

The new toolkit includes code for including Facebook and Twitter services; a storage file helper; adaptive grid view; and blur and fade animations.

uwp community toolkit overview

Writing about the new toolkit on the Windows blog, Giorgio Sardo gives an example of how the toolkit:

"makes it easy to share content from your app with social providers like Twitter, taking care of all the OAuth authentication steps for you behind the scenes."

// Initialize service
TwitterService.Instance.Initialize("ConsumerKey", "ConsumerSecret", "CallbackUri");
// Login to Twitter
await TwitterService.Instance.LoginAsync();
// Post a tweet
await TwitterService.Instance.TweetStatusAsync("Hello UWP!");

The toolkit also provides extension methods that allow developers to animate UI elements.

The toolkit can be used by any new or existing UWP application written in C# or VB.NET. It is compatible with apps developed with Windows 10 SDK Build 10586 or above. You can also use the toolkit with an existing desktop app converted to UWP using the Desktop Bridge.
The team has also released a sample app in the Windows Store that you can use to preview what the toolkit can do before installing the tools or downloading the SDK. The app can also be used to copy and paste the code needed to get started using the toolkit in your project.

More Information

UWP Community Toolkit

UWP Community Toolkit Sample App

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