October Week 4
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Saturday, 02 November 2019

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 24 - 30 October 2019


Featured Articles 

Perl Unicode Forensics   

Are character encodings and environment incompatibilities messing with your data? Why it happens and what to do about it. 


Java - Command Line Programs  

largecoverMany Java programs don't make use of a GUI interface at all they are run from the command line. It is important to master this simpler form of program if you are going to build utilities implement services or more trendy microservices.


Book Review of the Week

Kay Ewbank awarded a top 5-star rating explaining:
This is a collection of interviews with "data professionals" who tell the author, Mala Mahadevan, with varying degrees of frankness, what their jobs are like. 


New Listings in Book Watch    



Free Course - Advanced Android With Kotlin   Wednesday 30 October

kotlinAndroidGoogle has contributed another free course on the Udacity platform. At intermediate level, it comprises six lessons and should take about two months to complete and is for those who are already comfortable with Object Oriented Programming and Android fundamentals with Kotlin.


There Really Are No More IPv4 Addresses   Wednesday 30 October

ripeRIPE, which manages IP address distribution for a large part of the world, has updated its address space chart showing how many addresses are left. It is clear that unless something unexpected happens RIPE will run out of addresses in November.


Node.js Released With Diagnostic Reporting   Tuesday 29 October

nodejslogoNode.js 13 has been released with upgrades to V8 and new features including diagnostic reporting. Node.js 12 was moved to long term support at the same time.


Electron 7 Adds Native Theme API   Tuesday 29 October

electronlogoElectron 7.0.0 has been released with improvements including a Windows on Arm 64 release, faster IPC methods, and a new native theme API. It also includes upgrades to Chromium 78, V8 7.8, and Node.js 12.8.1.


New Data Science Masters From Coursera   Monday 28 October

hselogoCoursera has announced a fully online Master of Data Science degree from Moscow's Higher School of Economics (HSE), one of Russia’s top universities. Applications are open now for this English-language degree which will begin in February 2020.


Apache Arrow Flight Released   Monday 28 October

asf logoApache has released a beta version of Apache Arrow Flight, an Arrow-native data messaging framework. This first release is designed to optimize transport of the Arrow columnar format over gRPC, Google’s HTTP/2-based general-purpose RPC library and framework.


The Rise and Fall of Websites Since 1996   Sunday 27 October

mostpotsqIf you have been in tech for a while you will remember how the web landscape has changed over the last quarter of a century. There was the AOL era, the Yahoo! era, Geocities and so on. Watch this video animation of how the websites you know and cherished ebbed and flowed in popularity and be amazed.


Long Range Wi-Fi With Just Software   Saturday 26 October

beacon3Researchers have developed a software-only way of extending the range of standard Wi-Fi. Don't get too excited, the transmission rate is far too slow for Netflix, but it could still be useful for sensor networks.


Amazon's Future Engineer Program In US and UK   Friday 25 October

amfutengsqAmazon has announced that is is now funding computer science courses for more than 2,000 High Schools benefiting more than 100,000 students as part of its Future Engineer Program.


Cyber.dic - Spellchecking For Tech Terms and Acronyms   Friday 25 October

Tired of your word processor red squiggling perfectly acceptable technical terms and acronyms? The cyber.dic spellcheck dictionary puts an end to that! 


Amazon Migrates Away From Oracle DB   Thursday 24 October

awsAmazon has completed the migration of the databases in its consumer business away from Oracle, turning off the last Oracle database, in the consumer division at least, though some third-party applications are still running on Oracle.


Codecademy and Google Partner In New Go Course   Thursday 24 October

codecadgoWith assistance from Google, Codecademy has added a course on Go, the language developed by Goohttps://www.i-programmer.info/administrator/index.php?option=com_content&sectionid=-1&task=edit&cid[]=13217#gle. Designed to be beginner-friendly it first four modules are now live.



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