September Week 4
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Saturday, 28 September 2019

If you want to get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer, our weekly digest summarizes the articles, book reviews and news written each day by programmers, for programmers. This week we start with an extract from Android Programming in Kotlin: Starting With An App and we also have a history article about Alan Sugar's PCW.

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 19 - 25 September 2019

The Core

Android Programming In Kotlin: Basic Controls  
Monday 23 September

numericYou have to master the basic controls that are used in nearly every UI before you cn move onto something more complicated. Here's how to do it in Kotlin, in an extract from thew book by Mike James, Android Programming in Kotlin: Starting With An App. 


Alan Sugar's PCW - The Commodity Computer  
Wednesday 27 January

MANThe computer as a commodity isn't a concept that brings many into the business with enthusiasm but Alan Sugar approached the problem with a purpose that was close to visionary and the PCW was perhaps his most iconic design.


Book Review of the Week

  • Cracking Codes with Python

    Mike James awarded a rating of 4 out of 5 explaining:
    This is not the exciting dive into spies and code that you might expect. It is a mixture of a Python primer with an in-depth look at some very simple coding methods and a quick look at a more advanced code at the end of the book.


New Listings in Book Watch   



Windows 10 On 1 Billion Devices Now In Sight  
Wednesday 25 September

windowdevsWith installations of Windows 10 on 100 million devices since March, Microsoft can now claim that 900 million devices are running its current operating system and expect to reach its target of a Billion in 2020. 

.NET Core 3 - Microsoft Is Almost Back Where It Started   Wednesday 25 September

Not so long ago Microsoft was a leader in the programming world, now it is a follower. After years of disruption, uncertainty and general abandonment .NET has made it back to where is was with .NET Core 3, Windows forms and WPF.

CyberChef - The Developer's Ultimate Toolbox  
Tuesday 24 September

Encoding, encrypting and converting data formats, open source and collected under one roof inside the browser and all thanks to GCHQ - yes, a government intelligence agency.

Java SE 13 Reaches GA  
Tuesday 24 September

correttoOracle has announced the general availability of Java Standard Edition 13 (Java SE 13) along with the open source version, Java Development Kit 13 (JDK 13). The announcement was made at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. 

Google Refactors Kotlin Courses  
Monday 23 September

CodelabsbadgeGoogle has overhauled the two Kotlin courses that it co-created with Udacity, Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers and Developing Android Apps with Kotlin, and made them available on Google Codelabs. 

Waltz Write Ahead Log Open Sourced  
Monday 23 September

waltzA distributed write-ahead log has been open sourced by WePay. Waltz was originally designed to be the ledger of money transactions on the WePay system and has since been generalized to be suitable for other distributed systems that require serializable consistency. 

Google Has A Network More Like The Brain  
Sunday 22 September

spike1Our current neural networks work wonders, but they are very far from mimicking the biological brain that they are based on. Now Google Research has some breakthrough results with a more biologically plausible artificial neural network - project Ihmehimmeli. 

Raiders Of The Lost Art  
Saturday 21 September

picasso2Don't blame me for the title - it's the title of the research paper! Can we recover lost paintings using a little AI? The answer seems to be yes, but it really all depends what you mean by "recover". 

Microsoft Open Sources C++ Standard Library  
Friday 20 September

cplusThe C++ Standard Library (STL) which ships as part of the MSVC toolset and the Visual Studio IDE is being released as open source by Microsoft. The Microsoft Visual C++ compiler and libraries toolset (MSVC) team made the announcement at CppCon 2019. 

Wing Python Offers Better Remote Dev Connections 
Friday 20 September

wingwlogoWing Python 7.1.1 has been updated with better handling of remote development connections, and fixes so that Pandas DataFrame and Series values are displayed correctly among a number of improvements. 

Huawei's Ark Compiler Is A Publicity Stunt?  
Thursday 19 September

arkiconThe Huawei saga seems to grow ever more unreal as it unfolds. Its main strategy to get programmers working with its new OS Harmony is a compiler, Ark,  that takes Android apps and compiles them, but it seems it doesn't work. More than this, it's a very long way from working. 

GitHub Buys Semmle, Becomes CVE Numbering Authority   Thursday 19 September

githubdeklogoGitHub has acquired code analysis company Semmle and will make Semmle's code analyis engine available to all public repositories. GitHub has also become a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Numbering Authority, making it easier to report vulnerabilities directly from your repositories. 


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