August Week 2
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Saturday, 17 August 2019

If you want to get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer, our weekly digest summarizes the articles, book reviews,and news written each day by programmers, for programmers. This week, for fun, we also have a coding puzzle.

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August 8 - 14, 2019   


Programmer Puzzles

Programmer Puzzle - Python Swallows A Global  
Thursday 08 August

pythonquestionHere's a teaser that poses a practical problem - one that crops up in everyday Python programming. See if you can work out the answer before looking at its solution and the pattern to follow to avoid it.  The question in this case is where did the global variable go? 

The Core

Applying C - Deadline Scheduling  
Monday 12 August

ACcoverScheduling is complicated and generally it is assumed that Linux can't do realtime scheduling but now there is deadline scheduling which solves many problems. This extract is from my  book on using C in an IoT context.


Book Review of the Week

Awarding a full 5-star rating, Mike James writes:
Overall this is a good book aimed at the beginner who needs lots of simple examples - and who doesn't? As the book progresses it gets into deeper technical water and you are probably going to need time for it all to sink in. I would have liked a bit more general discussion of how things fit together and how to think about the more difficult concepts - the book tends to rely on bigger examples to demonstrate these ideas, but overall it does a good job.

New Listings in Book Watch  



Microsoft Pushing VBScript A Little Closer To the Edge   Wednesday 14 August

VBSiconof extinction. VBScript is one of the variations Microsoft created of the original VB. Now it has decided to drop default support in Internet Explorer. Clearly VBScript is on its way out. 

DeepCode Gets Cash And Opens Free Tier  
Wednesday 14 August

deepcodeThe developers of DeepCode, a code review tool that uses AI techniques, have announced extra funding and a free tier for small teams and educational use. 

Remote Working Works  
Tuesday 13 August

gitlabreptThe focus of the 2019 GitLab Developer Survey was DevOps. It attracted responses from over 4,000 software professionals across various industries, roles, and geographic locations and here are some of its findings. 

React 16.5 Adds Programmatic Profiler  
Tuesday 13 August

reactlogoThere's a new release of React with improvements including an asynchronous testing utility, a programmatic profiler, and an updated roadmap.

Online Computer Science Degrees On Coursera  
Monday 12 August

bsclonsqThe University of London now offers a fully online Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science on the Coursera Platform.The applications deadline for the October 2019 intake is September 2nd. Enrollment is also open for several online Master's Degrees. 

Google JavaScript Engine Speeds JSON Parsing  
Monday 12 August

v8logoThe latest update of  V8, Google's JavaScript engine, has been released in beta prior to its final release in coordination with Chrome 76 Stable in several weeks. This version, 7.6, speeds up JSON parsing and adds support for native stack walking. 

China's Tianjic Chip Rides A Bike  
Sunday 11 August

Tianjic3A bike that follows you around? Sounds good and it's not just self-driving it is also self-balancing. Can spiking neuromorphic networks be the future? Researchers in China seem to think so. 

A Raspberry Pi Hi Speed Camera For $6  
Saturday 10 August

fanTaking high frame rate video is both fun and often useful, but a video camera that can do the job is very expensive. A small project involving a Raspberry Pi and its $6 camera has produced reasonably good quality video at 660fps. Take a look. 

Linux Journal Closes  
Friday 09 August

Linuxjournal25Hard on the heels of the announcement that MSDN is giving up publishing on paper or online, we have the news that Linux Journal is going the same way - but in this case it isn't even clear that the online presence will be maintained. 

Amazon Releases PartiQL, A One Stop Query Language   Friday 09 August

partiqllogoAmazon has announced PartiQL, a SQL compatible query language designed to let you query data no matter what database it's stored in. A reference implementation of the language has been open sourced. 

Which Universities Have The Strongest Student Developers?   Thursday 08 August

hackerrank logoHackerRank has released rankings that identify which universities around the world have students with the strongest key developer skills. The rankings reveal that the best student developers attend universities that emphasize practical skills, and that student performance doesn’t always align with university reputation. 

Cross Platform Swift 5 For iOS and Android  
Thursday 08 August

scadeSCADE, the cross platform Swift compiler that can be used to develop native apps for both ARM and X86 Android platforms, has been updated to Swift 5. 



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