June Week 2
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Friday, 14 June 2019

If you want to get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer, our weekly digest summarizes the articles, book reviews,and news written each day by programmers, for programmers. This week we start with an extract from Harry Fairhead's brand new book "Applying C for the IoT with Linux". Then Mike James tackles Information Theory.

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June 6 - 12, 2019    


The Core

Applying C - Framebuffer Graphics  
Monday 10 June

ACcoverGraphics in Linux go from low level to full 3D. The most basic and in many ways most useful for low level code is the Framebuffer but is is hard to find out how it all works. This extract is from my  book on C in an IoT context.

Babbage's Bag

Information Theory  
Thursday 06 June

Fig1So you know what a bit is – or do you? How much information does a bit carry? What is this "information" stuff anyway? The answers are, unsurprisingly, all contained in the subject called Information Theory, which was invented by one man. 


Book Review of the Week   

Sue Gee awarded a rating of 4.6 for a book subtitled "How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing". A must read for those interested in gender issues and in 20th century history of British Computing - with plenty of lessons for today. 

New Listings in Book Watch 





Apple Demands That We Include Sign In With Apple   Wednesday 12 June

appstoreiconApple seems to not know the old saying about "when you are in a hole, stop digging". Or is it more like lighting another fire when the house isn't quite an inferno? 


Programmers Choices and Regrets  
Wednesday 12 June

skilluplogoPackt has shared the results of its 2019 Skill Up Survey. As well as providing information on the languages programmers use, it investigates why they choose them. It also reveals what programmers regret having learned. 


PureScript Updates Parser  
Tuesday 11 June

purescriptThere's a new version of PureScript with a completely rewritten parser. The developers say they hope this release will open up a lot of opportunities for syntactic tooling, either using the existing parser or even using alternative parsers. 


Scott Aaronson On NP And Physics  
Tuesday 11 June

liquid1To celebrate the 50th aniversary of the discovery of NP-complete problems by Stephen Cook, a Symposium was organized by the Fields Institute. Scott Aaronson gave a talk on the the role of physics in solving NP hard problems and it is a fascinating account. 


Apache Storm Reworked In Java  
Monday 10 June

stormApache Storm 2.0 has been released with better performance, new features, and integration with external systems. It has also had its core features rewritten in Java.


Udacity's School of Cloud Computing  
Monday 10 June

Udacity recently announced its School of Cloud Computing and its first two Nanodegree programs - Cloud Developer and Cloud DevOps start on June 11, which is also the last day for enrollment in their inaugural presentations.



Firefox Premium Coming This Fall  
Sunday 09 June

firefoxquantumMozilla is the organization that has seemed the most committed to a free and open web. So the very idea that there could be a paid version of Firefox is potentially disturbing.


Salto The Bouncing Robot  
Sunday 09 June

salto2019Salto is a tiny bouncing robot that proves that there is more than one way to build a robot. You can't help but think of an enthusiastic cartoon character as you watch Salto bounce along. 


ENIAC Operating Manual  
Saturday 08 June

ENIACinuseA look at the ENIAC Operating Manual, published 75 years ago this month, reveals just how difficult it was to program the world's first electronic general-purpose computer and how frustrating it must have been for its programmers. 


Latest FSF Updates To Software Licenses  
Friday 07 June

fsfThe FSF Licensing & Compliance Lab recently refreshed its page which gives guidance and recommendations about free software licenses and has added two new licenses to its non-free list. 


Apple Defends Its Walled Garden  
Friday 07 June

Image result for site:i-programmer.info appleApple is pulling up the drawbridge on its App Store and starting to defend it against all-comers. This would be almost funny if it wasn't so serious.  


GitHub Desktop 2.0 Introduces Stashing and Rebasing   Thursday 06 June

githubdeklogoIn response to requests from users the new major version of GitHub Desktop has two new features whose names - stashing and rebasing - make sense once you know how they work. It also supports sending emojis in commit messages. 


TypeScript Adds Smart Select  
Thursday 06 June

typescriptlogoTypeScript 3.5 has been released with faster type-checking and incremental builds, as well as smart select when expanding text selections in the editor. 




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