May Week 3
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Saturday, 25 May 2019

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May 16 - 22, 2019      

The Core

Rule-Based Matching In Natural Language Processing  

Monday 20 May

spacylogoSpaCy is an open-source software library for advanced Natural Language Processing, written in Python and Cython. In this extract from a new book by Jannes Klass it is used to build a rule-based matcher that always classifies the word "iPhone" as a product entity. 

Babbage's Bag

Grammar and Torture  

theorycoverThursday 16 May

Computational grammar is a subject that is sometimes viewed as a form of torture by computer science students, but understanding something about it really does help .... 

Book Review of the Week  

  • Programming Essentials Using Java 

    Alex Armstrong awarded a rating of 3 out of 5 to this large format book. It is lavish and full color but it is also more like a school book than anything else. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it maybe what you are looking for. As its subtitle, "A Game Application Approach" indicates, it teaches Java using a game-based approach and there is a DVD bound into the back with the code ready for you to run.

New Listings in Book Watch      



Python - Dead Batteries Included?  
Wednesday 22 May

python3Python is the "batteries included" language - but is it? A recent heated talk at the Python Language Summit accused Python of having leaking batteries and suddenly the core developers are considering removing things from the standard library. What is the fuss all about? 

Kickstarter Campaign For AI Computer Vision Courses   Wednesday 22 May

opencvcertOpenCV has initiated a Kickstarter to fund the creation of online AI courses, two in computer vision and a third on Deep Learning with PyTorch . The goal of $5,000 was quickly surpassed - and it looks as though it could even go beyond $500,000 before it closes on June 13th. 

NetBeans Is A Top-Level Apache Project  
Tuesday 21 May

netbeansWhen Oracle abandoned NetBeans, many thought that the future looked bleak, but now more than two years on it has graduated to being a full Apache project. What does the future hold? 

Udacity's Developing Android Apps with Kotlin  
Tuesday 21 May

Kotlin is everywhere, well at least for Android. This new Udacity course shows how developing for the platform has radically changed. 

Huawei Blocked From Android - The Ascendance Of A New OS?   Monday 20 May

liteosiconGoogle, following the political line, has revoked Huawei's Android licence. Given Huawei has plans to be the biggest phone maker in the world, what does this mean for the Android community? 

Kickstart Coding With Endless  
Monday 20 May

Endless is a Linux distribution that comes with all the usual office and entertainment apps. It also includes a range of games involving visual coding with blocks or JavaScript, designed to kick-start kids into coding. 

Peter Norvig - As We May Program  
Sunday 19 May

peternorvigsqIn the spirit of sharing interesting items that we stumble across, here is a video of a lecture delivered by Peter Norvig as the latest Microsoft Research Distinguished Lectures Series. 

Stanford Doggo - The Quadruped For The Rest Of Us   Saturday 18 May

doggoiconNot everyone is going to be able to afford a Spot Mini when it becomes available, but a Stanford Doggo is much more within reach. The only snag is that "some assembly is required". See Doggo in action! 

More Machine Learning Courses From Google  
Friday 17 May

googleaisqGoogle has added three new free courses on machine learning topics aimed at researchers, developers and students.They are on Clustering, Recommendation Systems and Testing and Debugging and take learners beyond the Machine Learning Crash Course.  

A Reverse Engineering Workshop for Beginners  
Friday 17 May

re-logoA Reverse Engineering workshop for absolute beginners comes from cybercrime researcher Ophir Harpaz. It is available, for free, online. 

Microsoft Graph Data Connect Now Generally Available   Thursday 16 May

graphdcMicrosoft Graph data connect is now generally available. The announcement was made at this year's Build conference. Graph is a unified programmability model and APIs that can be used to access data within Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security, Windows 10, and Azure Active Directory. 

GitHub Introduces Package Registry   Thursday 16 May

github package regGitHub has announced GitHub Package Registry, a software package hosting service that allows you to host your packages and code in one place. Currently in limited private beta, it lets you host software packages privately or publicly and use them as dependencies in your projects.  


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