May Week 1
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Saturday, 11 May 2019

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May 2 - 8, 2019    

The Core

JavaScript Async - Cache   Monday 06 May

coverThe cache API is closely associated with Progressive Web Apps but it can be used in any JavaScript program to good effect. This  extract from my recently published book JavaScript Async: Events Callbacks, Promises & Async/Await explains how promises make it ease.


Babbage's Bag

Assemblers and Assembly Language   Friday 03 May

knowcoverThe sort of instructions that most computers recognize are too simple for humans to be bothered with - and so we invented assembly language. Find out how it works and how it started the whole movement to abstract away from the computer's hardware.



Book Review of the Week   

  • Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches (Manning)

    Having experienced problems with exercises in a book that otherwise mostly a good read with good explanations, Ian Stirk is torn between awarding a rating of 1 (reflecting frustration) or 4 (satisfaction) out of 5 to this book that sets out to teach you Azure in around 20 hours

New Listings in Book Watch     



Microsoft Fluid Framework Reinvents OLE  
Wednesday 08 May


Microsoft has announced a new set of technologies called Fluid Framework. The announcement was made at this year's Build conference this week in Seattle.

Android Is Kotlin First  
Wednesday 08 May

kotlinAndroidThere isn't much substantive for the Android programmer announced at this year's Google I/O,  but there are signs about the future direction it is all heading in - and its Kotlin-oriented.

Visual Studio Intellicode For All  
Wednesday 08 May

Visual StudioMicrosoft has announced the general availability of Visual Studio IntelliCode, its AI-supercharged tool that gives you contextual IntelliSense recommendations powered by a machine learning model trained on thousands of open source repositories.

.NET Is One With .NET 5  
Tuesday 07 May

Microsoft's developer environment is something of a mess these days but at least one set of strands is about to unify. In the near future there will be just one .NET - to rule them all? 

OpenSSH Version 8.0 Released  
Tuesday 07 May

opensshsqThe OpenSSH suite, a complete SSH protocol 2.0 implementation which includes a sftp client and server, reaches version 8.0. 

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Online  
Tuesday 07 May

vscodeMicrosoft has opened a private preview of an online code editor based on Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Online is a browser-based editor that is being positioned as a companion for Code that you can use to make a quick edit rather than a full-time development environment of choice. 

Guido van Rossum On Python and Diversity in Open Source Monday 06 May

guidovanrossumIn a wide ranging conversation, Guido van Rossum outlines how and why he initiated the Python language and why he resigned as BDFL after 28 years. He also discusses the issue of diversity in open source communities with interviewer Swapnil Bhartiya, the founder of the TFiR website.

Google Open Sources Sandboxing Tool  
Monday 06 May

sandboxGoogle has made its Sandboxed API tool open source. The tool can be used to create security policies for individual software libraries. 

Atlas Robot Walks The Plank  
Sunday 05 May

itmhcsqFalling over is a huge risk for a big bipedal robot such as Atlas. So this video which demonstrates poise and balance as an Atlas negotiates safe crossing between two rickety platforms separated by stacks of narrow bricks shows real progress. 

Computer History Museum Welcomes New Fellows   Saturday 04 May

2019CHistMusfellowsAt a ceremony today, the Computer History Museum is welcoming  the four recipients of it 2019 Fellow Awards. They are James Gosling, Leslie Lamport, Katherine Johnson and Louis Pouzin.

Flow9 Open Sourced  
Friday 03 May

flow9Flow9 is a functional language with C-family syntax that can be used for building cross-platforms UIs with simple code. Its developers, from Area9, have now made it open source on GitHub. 

New Facebook Scholarship Challenge On Udacity  
Thursday 02 May

blueudacityAt its F8 developer event this week, Facebook and Udacity announced a new scholarship program. It is based around a new course that aims to teach AI engineering skills in privacy-preserving technologies. 

CodeGuppy - Coding For Kids in Javascript  
Thursday 02 May

CodeGuppy, unlike other introductory platforms such as Scratch which use visual block-based languages, aims to teach kids (and teens and "creative adults" to code by writing Javascript. Why is that better?

Electron 5 Improves Packaged Apps  
Thursday 02 May

electronlogoThe latest release of Electron is available with upgraded versions of Chromium, Node.JS and V8. Electron 5 also improves the way packaged apps behave. Electron was originally known as Atom Shell as it was developed for GitHub's Atom text editor. 

Supreme Court Asks For Government Help In Oracle v Google   Wednesday 01 May

The U.S. Supreme Court has again requested the views of the U.S.Solicitor General with regard to Google's petition asking for a judicial review of the copyright issues stemming from the Oracle v Google Lawsuit. 

Apache Migrates To GitHub  
Wednesday 01 May

githubdeklogoThe Apache Software Foundation has migrated its Git service to GitHub. This is the end point of a restructuring from using Apache's own version control service, Apache Subversion, along with Git, to using only GitHub. 


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