March Week 3
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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Week-by-week I Programmer has new articles and book reviews, written by programmers, for programmers. We also cover breaking news stories and recently published books. In this week's articles Harry Fairhead looks at Shifts and Rotates in C and, to mark Pi Day, Mike James explores Non-Computable And Other Numbers.

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March 14 - 20, 2019  


The Core

Fundamental C - Shifts And Rotates   Monday 18 March

CbookcoverBit manipulation is almost dead in high-level languages, but it is a core technique in C. In fact, it is one of the reasons for using C.  This extract, from my new book on programming C in an IoT context, looks at shifts and rotates.


Babbage's Bag

Non-Computable And Other Numbers   Thursday 14 March

alephWhat are the limits to computation? The computer science theory of computation can be intimidating because of its use of logic but taking a programmer's approach makes it seem much simpler. So if you want to know what a non-computable number is - read on. 

Book Review of the Week 

  • Practical Statistics for Data Scientists

     Awarding this book a rating of 4.5 out of 5, Mike James recommends it with some reservations, concluding:
    I am still of the opinion that data scientists should be statisticians first, but if you disagree this will give you a glimpse of what lies on the other side of the divide. If you are a statistician then reading it might give you some idea of how the data scientists think about things. 

New Listings in Book Watch    




Oxide - A Simpler Formalized Rust
Wednesday 20 March

rustRust is one of the more remarkable new languages that has a reasonably large following. Oxide, an experimental formalized programming language close to source-level Rust, but with fully-annotated types, highlights its special approach to variables and assignment.  

Stadia - Google's Cloud Gaming Streaming Platform   Wednesday 20 March

stadiasqGoogle's Stadia, its subscription-based cloud gaming service, was formally announced during Google's keynote at the 2019  Game Developers Conference. Stadia will deliver access to games on any screen - TV, PC, laptop, tablet and phone - via the Chrome browser and requires no additional hardware, although Google has developed its own controller. 

Functional Programming Patterns With RamdaJS  
Tuesday 19 March

rambdasqAn interactive course on Educative's platform exploring the underlying principles of FP in Javascript with aid of the small RambdaJS library.

Linux Foundation Launches Red Team Project  
Tuesday 19 March

rtaltsqThe Linux Foundation has launched a new project aimed at incubating open source cybersecurity tools. The Red Team Project's main goal is to make open source software safer to use. 

Not All AI startups In Europe Use AI  
Monday 18 March

mmceducStartups characterized as being concerned with AI attract 15% to 50% more funding than other technology firms. However, some 40% of firms classified AI startups in Europe lacked evidence of using AI. 

Go Developer Network Launched  
Monday 18 March

goiconA network for Go developers has been launched by a combination of the Go community leaders at GoBridge and Google. The Go Developer Network (GDN) is designed to provide a single place for information on Go. 

AI Driving Olympics - A Duckietown Challenge  
Sunday 17 March

duckidrivingThe AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO) is a competition focused around AI for self-driving cars. It made its debut in December 2018, at the machine learning conference NeurIPS and now teams are preparing for the second edition to be held at ICRA 2019 in May. As before it will be run using the Duckietown platform. 

Windows 10 Now Running on 800 Million Devices  
Saturday 16 March

mc800millionsqMore than 800 million devices are now running Windows 10. This milestone wasn't announced with a fanfare but was included on Microsoft's “By the Numbers” site, a link that was then tweeted by Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's Corporate VP for Modern Life and Devices. 

Microsoft Open Sources Calc  
Friday 15 March

cal2c.. but not necessarily the one you were expecting. In a continued embrace of open source Microsoft has placed the code for Windows Calc on GitHub - the UWP version that is. 

GraphQL Foundation Gets Bigger  
Friday 15 March

graphqllogoThe GraphQL Foundation has announced a collaboration with the Joint Development Foundation, and new members including Neo4j have joined.

Google Smashes Pi Record For Pi Day  
Thursday 14 March

piedayTo mark this year's Pi Day, Google has announced a new world record of 31.4 trillion digits for our favorite irrational mathematical constant, Pi.  

Iodide - A New Tool For Scientific Communication And Exploration   Thursday 14 March

iodideA new experimental tool designed to help scientists prepare interactive documents using web technologies has been released in an alpha version. Iodide is designed to encourage 'communicative workflows' by bundling the editing tool as part of the document. 


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