December Week 4
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Saturday, 29 December 2018

There's not much news in Christmas week so we took the opportunity to look back over the most important stories of 2018, one month at a time. You'll find the first five of our twelve days of Xmas news in this digest, together with a re-run of our most popular book review and recommendations for Holiday Reading. 

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December 20 - 26, 2018 

Book Watch

This week's additions to our ever-growing archive of newly published computer books are:     


Book Review



The 12 News Days of Xmas - 05 May  
Wednesday 26 December

May, the spring is sprung (sorry southern hemisphere) and we are all ready to do new things. 

Hadoop Submarine Adds Deep Learning To Hadoop   Wednesday 26 December

There's a new Hadoop project for building deep learning frameworks, like TensorFlow, on Apache Hadoop. Submarine has integrations with Zeppelin and Azkaban for running jobs. 

The 12 News Days of Xmas - 04 April  
Monday 24 December

April is a month for fools but you won't find a single one in this roundup of what happened in 2018. 

The 12 News Days of Xmas - 03 March  
Monday 24 December

In our continuing look back at the highlights of 2018, we come to March. Apparently we are supposed to beware the Ides - does that mean IDEs? Perhaps so, given the release of Android Studio 3.1 during the month. 

C# 8, What's Coming  
Monday 24 December

C# never ceases to evolve. Starting out as a copycat mix of Java and C++, selecting their best parts, the language has since walked its own way, innovating by itself. With version 8 on the horizon, let's have a look at the strongest candidates among the proposals for the finalized draft. 

Santa Trackers Part Of Our Tradition  
Sunday 23 December

We've wrapped gifts for family and friends and decorated the Christmas Tree and excitement is mounting. Tracking Santa's progress across the globe on mobile and desktop devices has become an established part of our countdown to Christmas. 

Yoda's (Donald Knuth) Xmas Lecture  
Saturday 22 December

Yes, I know they used to be called Xmas Tree lectures, but the tree is a data structure that you can only do so much with. This year lecture is on dancing links - yes dancing links I'm serious. Oh and read on to find out why it's by "Yoda". 

The 12 News Days of Xmas - 02 February  
Friday 21 December

Ah February. It is the last month of winter and the hope of the coming spring prevails. But because it has only 28 days - mostly - there isn't much time to pack in the news. So what did happen? 

New Governance Model For Python  
Friday 21 December

After Guido van Rossum abdicated his role as Python's leader who had ultimate authority on all decisions relating to the language, some alternative way to run the project became necessary. After a protracted, democratic, process Python will in future be governed by a five-person Steering Council. 

The 12 News Days of Xmas - 01 January  
Thursday 20 December

In which we look at the most noteworthy of the news items of each month of 2018. Yes it's a clip show, but it's still interesting! 

Salesforce Announces JavaScript Framework  
Thursday 20 December

A set of web components for Salesforce has been released. The Lightning Web Components Framework is aimed at JavaScript developers who want to use Salesforce's services. 

Professional Programmer

Holiday Reading Recommendations  
Monday 24 December

xmasbooksSo the festive holidays are here, and many of us could do with a good book to escape with (or a last minute present rather than socks for the geek in your life). Our selection of top titles provides welcome relief from the tinsel and board games.


Babbage's Bag

Confronting The Unprovable - Gödel And All That  
Thursday 20 December

Given infinite computing power surely there cannot be any problem or puzzle that is incapable of solution? The famous or infamous incompletenes theory of Kurt Gödel says different but what does it actually mean? This is an extract from a book to be published in the I Programmer Library in 2019, 



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