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Wednesday, 08 February 2012




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Social Game Players Sue Google   Wednesday 08 February

Many groups of users have been angry with Google over its axing of projects, tools and resources but one group is so incensed about the closure of the SuperPoke Pets website that it has initiated a class action asserting "fraud in the inducement and unjust enrichment".

Amazon's Cloud Comes To Windows Phone   Wednesday 08 February

Microsoft has released a beta version of a toolkit that lets you create Windows Phone apps that can connect to Amazon Web Services.

Google's X Site Solved   Tuesday 07 February

Yesterday we ran a news item on Google's mysterious Solve for X website. Now the mystery is solved and we know what it is all about.

Windows Phone Marketplace Expands   Tuesday 07 February

Microsoft has announced that five of the recently announced Windows Phone 7 markets (Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines)  are now officially open for business.

PostgreSQL Plus Cloud Database   Tuesday 07 February

EnterpriseDB has ported its Postgres Plus to Amazon Web Services to create Postgres Plus Cloud Database.

Google's X Factor - A TED Replacment?   Monday 06 February

Google is launching yet another website. It is designed to be a forum to discuss off-the-wall ideas and cutting edge technologies. Is this Google's answer to TED.com?

Widespread Celebrations But No Pardon For Turing   Monday 06 February

A petition signed by over 21,000 people asked the UK Government to grant a pardon to Alan Turing. That request has now been declined.

Online Computer Science Education for Free   Monday 06 February

Last autumn hundreds of thousands of students signed up for three computer-related free online courses offered under the auspices of Stanford University. This year the number of courses on offer has expanded, but now run by two newly launched companies, Udacity and Coursera.


Siri Horror - Again   Sunday 05 February

This Siri video is professional enough to be a trailer for a movie. Take a look, but be warned this one isn't so funny as scary.

Google Summer of Code 2012   Sunday 05 February

Google's 8th year of its program that gives students the chance of working in open source software development during their summer break was announced at the FOSDEM open source conference in Belgium.

Cartoon - Recursion   Sunday 05 February

This week's selected xkcd cartoon of the week is about the most feared of programming concepts - recursion. And, to paraphrase a well known quote, if you don't fear it, then you don't understand it.

ACTA Activists Organize Street Protests   Saturday 04 February

As awareness of ACTA spreads protests are being organized across Europe, in the hope of stopping a treaty that threatens Internet freedom and is seen as more dangerous than SOPA.


$100,000 Prize For Proving Quantum Computers Are Impossible   Saturday 04 February

Quantum computing is currently a major area of research - but is this all a waste of effort? A prize of $100,000 has been offered for any proof that quantum computers are impossible.

Joomla Magazine February 2012   Friday 03 February

The promise of becoming your own SEO expert forms one of the articles in the February issue of the Joomla magazine, which is now available.

Google's Bouncer Detects Malware   Friday 03 February

Google has revealed Bouncer, a service it has developed for automated scanning of apps submitted to the Android Market to eliminate malware.

Windows Phone 8 - Silverlight Apps Are Legacy   Friday 03 February

It isn't exactly official, but if reports based on a leaked internal video are true, the Windows Phone 8 (WP8)  codenamed Apollo is going to be based on Windows 8 code.

LibreOffice Development Status Report   Friday 03 February

Since The Document Foundation was announced in September 2010 it has made tremendous progress with LibreOffice, now summarized in an infographic. It is a real insight into the workings of a major open source project.

Perl Foundation Receives Cash Injection   Thursday 02 February The craigslist Charitable Fund has donated $100,000 to the Perl community for Perl5 maintenance and general use.

Google+ Page For Android Developers   Thursday 02 February

Over 35,000 people have already demonstrated support for  the new Android Developer Google+ page - which makes you wonder why it took so long to create.

Firefox 10 - More For Developers   Thursday 02 February

Only six weeks after Firefox 9, the latest version, 10, is now being downloaded onto users' machines. And its main new features are aimed at developers. Is this the start of the browser developer wars?



The Core

Getting Started with Python   Wednesday 08 February

So you want to get up to speed with Python. Here's a lightening tour for the beginning to intermediate programmer who is already familiar with some fundamental programming ideas.

Private Functions In JavaScript   Friday 03 February

JavaScript doesn't have a native namespace facility so how are you supposed to keep utility and helper functions private? The solution is to use inner functions but this is just the start of the story.


Getting started with Windows Kinect SDK 1.0   Monday 06 February

Version 1.0 of the Kinect SDK is now available together with the Windows version of the Kinect hardware. Now you can get started creating full commercial applications. Our new e-book shows you how to do this in C#.