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Wednesday, 01 February 2012


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A Swarm of Quadrotors   Wednesday 01 February

The amazing aspect of this new quadrotor algorithm is controlling so many of them in the air at once - the effect is truly mesmerizing.

Kinect for Windows Available   Wednesday 01 February

The Kinect for Windows has launched on the target date of February 1, 2012. Equally important as the new hardware is its SDK version 1 which is free to download.

Microsoft Celebrates 20 Years of Certification   Wednesday 01 February

Microsoft Learning has come up with a novel way to promote certification. It is planning to donate up to 5,000 entry-level Microsoft Technology Associate exams and training during its year-long 20 Years | 20 Ways campaign.

DevWeek 2012   Wednesday 01 February

Now in its 15 th year, DevWeek 2012, the UK’s biggest independent conference for software developers, DBAs and IT architects, takes place March 26-30.

WP7 Upgrades and WP8 - Silverlight or C++   Tuesday 31 January

Microsoft has a problem with Windows Phone 7 (WP7) that doesn't seem to be widely understood and it has placed itself into a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation.

One Committee to Oversee Java?   Tuesday 31 January

A proposal has been made to create a single committee to oversee Java specifications rather than having Java EE/SE and Java ME specs being dealt with separately.

Google Helps Devs Convert JavaScript To Dart   Tuesday 31 January

Google has realized that as most programmers know JavaScript, one good way to get them to use Dart is to provide a guide for the JavaScript programmer.

Windows XP Support from Microsoft and Mozilla   Monday 30 January

At the same time that Microsoft is reminding users that time is ticking on to the end of XP support in April 2014, Mozilla has announced that in future it won't be able to support really old XP versions either.


Pit - F# to JavaScript Compiler   Monday 30 January

Pit is a new open source project that compiles F# to JavaScript.

ReRAM - Prepare for a Paradigm Shift   Sunday 29 January

A revolutionary memory component that could change the way we use computers will be launched next year. Elpida's resistance memory removes the distinction between volatile and non-volatile storage. What will this mean for users and developers?

Imagine Cup Grant Winners Announced   Sunday 29 January

The winners of the inaugural round of the Imagine Cup Grants have been announced and a Windows Phone 7 app to combat malaria is one of the selected projects.

Evi Overloaded   Sunday 29 January

Evi, a new rival to Siri, Apple's voice-driven personal assistant, has made its debut on both the iPhone and the Android. And people are so keen to try it out that Evi's servers are overloaded - so be prepared for a wait for answers.

Work For Twitter - Hilarious!   Saturday 28 January

Why work at Twitter when you could work at Google? We have a video that gives you the inside story on Twitter's work package and it's hilarious!

Sorting Algorithms As A Video   Saturday 28 January

A mixture of nostalgia and pure brilliance, this classic video from the 1980s shows everything you need to know about sorting, while proving just how far computer animation has progressed in the intervening years.

ACTA Protest Mounts   Friday 27 January

ACTA may have been signed by dozens of countries, but it has still to be approved by the European Parliament. There is still time to take a stand. 

Google Earth 6.2 Uses Simple Algorithms To Look Good   Friday 27 January

What a difference an algorithm makes. Add a simple photo processing technique to Google Earth and the result really is a beautiful world.

Stanford Online Courses Postponed, Not Cancelled   Friday 27 January

The Computer Science courses that should have started this month but were suddenly postponed. Stanford now says that the courses will be going ahead - but the delay may be months not weeks.

New Release of Oracle's TimesTen   Thursday 26 January

Oracle has released the latest version of its in-memory database, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, 11g Release 2.

Joomla! 2.5 Released   Thursday 26 January

Joomla! 2.5, the long-term-support release of the open source content management system that is the successor to version 1.7, is now available. It will be supported for at least 18 months.

Windows 8 Not a Beta but a Consumer Preview   Thursday 26 January

The official line at CES was that the "consumer preview" of Windows 8 would be available "in late February". So what has happened to the beta? And what does this mean for developers?

Professional Programmer

Teach Concepts Not Just Code   Thursday 26 January

What tends to get overlooked when discussing STEM skills is that we need to teach algorithmic thought in the same way as needing to teach math, not just arithmetic.

The Core

A Simple Virtual Machine   Wednesday 01 February

Virtual Machines have more uses than you might imagine. We have a real example of how a VM can be used to increase the security of your code.

Developing with PHP and Eclipse (Indigo)   Monday 30 January

Find out how to make PHP development easy with the latest version of Eclipse, Indigo, and how to set up local and remote debugging.




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