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1 A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development
2 Accelerating Software Quality
3 Advanced .NET Debugging
4 Advanced Windows Debugging
5 Agile Analytics
6 Agile Product Management with Scrum
7 Agile Project Management with Kanban
8 Beautiful Testing
9 Being Agile
10 Being Agile
11 Beyond Legacy Code
12 Beyond Requirements, Analysis With An Agile Mindset
13 Building Software Teams
14 Clean Craftsmanship
15 Codermetrics: Analytics for Improving Software Teams
16 Domain-Driven Design Using Naked Objects
17 Effective Debugging
18 Effective Unit Testing
19 Essential Scrum
20 Essential Skills for the Agile Developer
21 Exploratory Software Testing
22 Find the Bug
23 Head First Design Patterns
24 How Google Tests Software
25 How to Use Objects
26 How We Test Software at Microsoft
27 I.M. Wright’s “Hard Code”
28 I.M. Wright’s “Hard Code” 2nd Ed
29 Improving Agile Retrospectives
30 Interface Oriented Design
31 Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust
32 Leading Lean Software Development
33 Lean Analytics, Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster
34 Lean from the Trenches
35 Lean-Agile Software Development
36 Managing Software Debt
37 More Joel on Software
38 Murach's C++ Programming
39 Object-oriented Analysis and Design with Applications, 3rd Edition
40 Practical DevOps
41 Pragmatic Guide to Subversion
42 Professional Scrum Development with Azure DevOps
43 Programming Beyond Practices
44 Programming Microsoft Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory
45 Read Me First!
46 Risk-First Software Development: The Menagerie
47 Scrum For The Rest Of Us!
48 Seriously Good Software
49 Shipping Greatness
50 SOA Design Patterns
51 Software Development Metrics
52 Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs (Manning)
53 Software Project Secrets
54 Street Coder (Manning)
55 Test-Driven Development
56 The Art of Agent-Oriented Modeling
57 The Art of Application Performance Testing
58 The Art of Lean Software Development
59 The Art of Readable Code
60 The Art of Unit Testing
61 The Design of Design: Essays from a Computer Scientist
62 The Dream Team Nightmare
63 The Object-Oriented Thought Process
64 The Object-Oriented Thought Process (5e)
65 The Pragmatic Programmer (2e)
66 The Programmer's Brain (Manning)
67 The Scrum Field Guide
68 The Scrumban (R)Evolution
69 Understanding Software Dynamics (Addison-Wesley)
70 User Story Mapping
71 Write Great Code: Understanding the Machine: 1
72 Zero Bugs and Program Faster