Principled Programming (DateTree Press)
Wednesday, 10 May 2023

This book, subtitled "Introduction to Coding in Any Imperative Language" is a methodology-oriented introduction to computer programming, concentrating on programming principles, not language features. To keep focus and avoid distraction, Tim Teitelbaum, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Computer Science, Cornell University limits his examples to a minimal programming language that is a subset of Java.


The book presents content to beginners that is often considered advanced, such as program state-spaces, specifications written in terms of preconditions and postconditions, loop invariants, data-structure invariants, loop variants, and programming by stepwise refinement. However, the book retains an introductory character by avoiding formalism, offering intuitive analogies, and providing elementary explanations.

Author: Tim Teitelbaum
Publisher: DateTree Press
Date: March 2023
Pages: 429
ISBN: 978-8987744109
Print: B0BZF8R467
Audience: General
Level: Introductory
Category: Methodology 


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Large-Scale C++, Volume I

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Print: 0201717069
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Rating: 3
Reviewer Mike James:
Large Scale C++, what can this mean?

Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice

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More and more programmers need an understanding of electronics as the needs of the IoT mix  [ ... ]

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