Regular Expression Puzzles and AI Coding Assistants (Manning)
Friday, 21 April 2023

This book has a long subtitle that tells you its contents - "24 puzzles solved by the author, with and without assistance from Copilot, ChatGPT And More". It is the story of two competitors. On one side is David Mertz, an expert programmer and the author of a popular Regex tutorial. On the other are the AI powerhouse coding assistants, GitHub Copilot and OpenAI ChatGPT.

<ASIN: 1633437817>

Here's how the contest works: David invents 24 Regex problems he calls puzzles and shows you how to tackle each one. When he's done, he has Copilot and ChatGPT work on the same puzzles.

Author: David Mertz
Publisher: Manning
Date: April 2023
Pages: 152
ISBN: 978-1633437814
Print: 1633437817
Kindle: B0BX77WKVY
Audience: General
Level: Intermediate
Category: Artificial Intelligence and Graphics & Games


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Large-Scale C++, Volume I

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Publisher: Addison-Wesley
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Print: 0201717069
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Reviewer Mike James:
Large Scale C++, what can this mean?

Python Machine Learning, 3rd Ed

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A new edition of a good book on ML is worth a close look.

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