Programming the Raspberry Pi Pico/W in MicroPython (I/O Press)
Wednesday, 11 January 2023

This book reveals what you can do with the Pico's GPIO lines together with widely used sensors, servos and motors and ADCs. After covering the GPIO, outputs and inputs, events and interrupts, Harry Fairhead and Mike James give you hands-on experience of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), the SPI bus, the I2C bus and the 1-Wire bus. This second edition has been expanded to cover wi-fi connectivity provided by the Pico W. 


One of the key advantages of the Pico is its PIO (Programmable I/O) and while this is an advanced feature, it is introduced in this book. After finding out how the PIO works, it is used to write a PIO program for the DHT22 and the 1-Wire bus.
The original Pico lacked WiFi connectivity, a limitation overcome by the launch of the Pico W. Two new chapters are dedicated to how to make use of the additional features of the Pico W including how to create a web client and a web server, use HTTPS and asyncio.

Authors: Harry Fairhead and Mike James
Publisher: I/O Press
Date: December 2022
Pages: 360
ISBN: 978-1871962802
Print: 1871962803
Kindle: B0BR8LWYMZ
Audience: Developers using Raspberry Pi
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Category: Hardware platforms and Python


Companion Title: 

Programming the Raspberry Pi Pico/W in C



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