Oracle Database Programming with Java (Auerbach Publications)
Monday, 29 August 2022

This book, subtitled "Ideas, Designs, and Implementations" is written for college students and software programmers who want to develop practical and commercial database programming with Java and relational databases such as Oracle Database XE 18c. Dr. Ying Bai details practical considerations and applications of database programming with Java and provides authentic examples as well as detailed explanations.


Advanced topics in Java Web, like Java Web Applications and Java Web Services, are covered in real project examples to show how to handle the database programming issues in the Apache NetBeans IDE environment.

Author: Dr. Ying Bai
Publisher: Auerbach Publications
Date: August 2022
Pages: 578
ISBN: 978-1032302294
Print: 1032302291
Audience: Oracle and Java developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Database and Java


The book features:


  • A real sample database, CSE _ DEPT, which is built with Oracle SQL Developer, provided and used throughout the book
  • Step by step, detailed illustrations and descriptions of how to design and build a practical relational database
  • Fundamental and advanced Java database programming techniques practical to both beginning students and experienced programmers
  • Updated Java desktop and Web database programming techniques, such as Java Enterprise Edition 7, JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Faces, Enterprise Java Beans, Web applications and Web services, including GlassFish and Tomcat Web servers
  • More than 30 real database programming projects with detailed illustrations
  • Actual JDBC APIs and JDBC drivers, along with code explanations
  • Homework and selected solutions for each chapter to strengthen and improve students’ learning and understanding of the topics they have studied


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