High-Performance Programming in C# and .NET (Packt)
Monday, 22 August 2022

This book explains how to design responsive, resilient, and high-performance applications with the new version of C# and .NET. Jason Alls starts with the foundation of high-performance code and the latest performance-related improvements in C# 10.0 and .NET 6 before going on to how to use tracing and diagnostics to track down performance issues and the cause of memory leaks.


The chapters that follow show how to enhance the performance of networked applications and various ways to improve directory tasks and file tasks. Later chapters show how to improve data querying performance and write responsive user interfaces, and how to use cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure to build scalable distributed solutions.

Author: Jason Alls
Publisher: Packt
Date: July 2022
Pages: 660
ISBN: 978-1800564718
Print: 1800564716
Kindle: B08LNZ3Z4L
Audience: C# developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: C#


  • Use correct types and collections to enhance application performance
  • Profile, benchmark, and identify performance issues with the codebase
  • Explore how to best perform queries on LINQ to improve an application's performance
  • Effectively utilize a number of CPUs and cores through asynchronous programming
  • Build responsive user interfaces with WinForms, WPF, MAUI, and WinUI
  • Benchmark ADO.NET, Entity Framework Core, and Dapper for data access
  • Implement CQRS and event sourcing and build and deploy microservices

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