PostgreSQL 14 Administration Cookbook (Packt)
Wednesday, 18 May 2022

This is a collection of 175 recipes for database administrators to manage enterprise databases effectively.  Simon Riggs and Gianni Ciolli show how to get up and running with all the latest features of PostgreSQL 14. The recipes cover how to tackle a variety of problems and pain points for a database administrator such as creating tables, managing views, improving performance, and securing your database.



Author: Simon Riggs and Gianni Ciolli
Publisher: Packt
Date: March 2022
Pages: 608
ISBN: 978-1803248971
Print: 1803248971
Kindle: B09R4VBHX3
Audience: PostgreSQL administrators
Level: Introductory/Intermediate
Category: Database


  • Plan, manage, and maintain PostgreSQL databases in production
  • Work with the newly introduced features of PostgreSQL 14
  • Use pgAdmin or OmniDB to perform database administrator (DBA) tasks
  • Use psql to write accurate and repeatable scripts
  • Understand how to tackle real-world data issues with the help of examples
  • Select and implement robust backup and recovery techniques in PostgreSQL 14
  • Deploy best practices for planning and designing live databases


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