Discovering Modern C++, 2nd Ed (Addison-Wesley)
Monday, 16 May 2022

Updated for C++17 and C++ 20, this book teaches C++ using realistic examples. Drawing on experience teaching C++ to physicists, mathematicians, engineers, and students, Peter Gottschling guides readers to sophisticated approaches based on advanced features.


The book is a second edition of a title included in our Top Choice C++ Books. It covers increasingly powerful features, from lambdas to expression and variadic templates. Gottschling also shows how to apply C++'s libraries: both the Standard Template Library (STL) and scientific libraries for arithmetic, linear algebra, differential equations, and graphs.

Author: Peter Gottschling
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Date: December 2021
Pages: 576
ISBN: 978-0136677642
Print: 0136677649
Kindle: ‎ B09HTJRJ3V
Audience: C++ developers
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Category: C/C++

  • Quickly master core features: variables, operators, expressions, statements, functions, error handling, I/O, arrays, pointers, references, and more
  • Make the most of classes and object-oriented programming, from constructors/destructors to operator overloading and multiple inheritance
  • Apply advanced generic programming and template-based techniques
  • Use C++’s libraries to write more robust and powerful code more quickly
  • Explore metaprogramming in depth, and master cutting-edge optimization techniques
  • Walk through representative scientific projects, and create your own

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Discovering Modern C++ 

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