Java For Dummies 8th Ed (Wiley)
Monday, 09 May 2022

This book shows how to write practical, reusable Java code with straightforward tutorials and tips. In this 8th edition, Dr. Barry Burd covers the latest developments in Java, including the new ‘switch’ statement syntax. The book has easy-to-understand explanations that make learning easy, for beginners and experienced coders alike.



Author: Dr. Barry Burd
Publisher: For Dummies
Date: April 2022
Pages: 512
ISBN: 978-1119861645
Print: 1119861640
Kindle: B09VBGKNJM
Audience: would-be Java developers
Level: Introductory/Intermediate
Category: Java


  • Take control of your program flow 
  • Program with classes, objects, and methods
  • Use Java's functional programming features
  • Explore Java 17, the latest long-term support release
  • Create objects and classes
  • Use arrays and collections
  • Respond to button clicks
  • Connect to a database

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