Embedded Web Control Panels on the Raspberry Pi (MSTMicro Publishing)
Friday, 15 April 2022

This book shows how to go about creating your own home control system that can be accessed through a cell phone or a web page on your home computer. ? George Babec's real world examples show how to go about it. 


The examples look at programing and controlling an embedded computer like the Raspberry Pi, including how to play a wav file by pressing a button on a web page, turn on and off General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins for external control using relays and transistors to control lights, LEDs and other devices, or read and monitor the CPU temperature over time without refreshing the page. 

Author: George Babec
Publisher: MSTMicro Publishing
Date: March 2022
Pages: 298
ISBN: 978-0997022278
Print: 0997022272
Audience: General interest
Level: Intermediate
Category: Hardware platforms


Topics covered:


  • Form a basis for Smart Home control
  • Control GPIO pins over the Internet
  • Use a Smart Phone, PC, or Tablet for control
  • Create a Web control panels framework
  • Understanding Dynamic HTML elements
  • Use CGI programming for Web based control
  • Learn how to drive Relays with Transistors
  • Learn how to connect LEDs to the GPIO pins
  • Using Web security to control access
  • Learn how to use GPIO Character Device Drivers
  • WebIO & IPC


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